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‘Fault in Our Stars’ Director Josh Boone to Take on Stephen King’s ‘The Talisman’!

Add another one to the list! Stephen King’s bestselling novel, The Talisman (co-written by Peter Straub), is due to hit the big screen and famed director Josh Boone has been tapped to write the script. The Amblin Entertainment adaptation was initially slated for TV but they have since decided to turn it into a film.

Josh Boone, The Talisman
Josh Boone. Credit: Variety

Boone has a long-time relationship with the legendary Mr. King after having been asked to write and direct an adaptation of The Stand, currently on hold, as well as a more recent tale Revival, which is currently in development. Given the success of Fault in our Stars and the anticipation behind his directing Marvel Universe’s The New Mutants, I have high expectations for what Mr. Boone will bring to The Talisman.

Twelve-year-old Jack Sawyer embarks on an epic quest–a walk from the seacoast of New Hampshire to the California coast–to find the talisman that will save his dying mother’s life. Jack’s journey takes him into the Territories, a parallel medieval universe, where most people from his own universe have analogs called “twinners.” The queen of the Territories, Jack’s mother’s twinner, is also dying. Source –

There seems to be no slowing down in the desire to bring Stephen King tales to the theater. Being Stephen King’s biggest fan ;)… I only ever hope that Hollywood does him justice.

Source: Variety