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Fans Of the Netflix Hit Series “Stranger Things” Have Cast the Hawkins Crew As Adults.

Published on June 23rd, 2022 | Updated on June 23rd, 2022 | By FanFest

With season five bringing the Netflix mega hit to a close, Stranger Things is heading toward its conclusion. Some fans consider what a future series would look like if the show revisited the kids as adults in an It: Chapter 2-style afterlife sequence. This, however, will be very dependent on who survives the end battle.

Season four, volume one is now available, and the Upside Down is producing more deadly and terrifying monsters than ever before. As the show’s final season, the stakes are only going to get higher, and season five will most likely test our heroes more than ever before. But what’s next? We can’t fathom how these kids, who have gone through so much trauma, come out unscathed and well-balanced.

Given that they have so many parallels, it’s not out of the question to think that Stranger Things might do the same, as it did in It: Chapter 2 with aged-up versions of the characters banding together once again to take on their childhood nightmare. Finn Wolfhard has already done exactly this in It: Chapter 1 , when playing Bill Hader. But fans have a different casting idea for his Stranger Things character, Mike Wheeler.

Users chimed in with their own suggestions for the adult versions of the characters, and a single user compiled a fan cast for them.

Some people like this list, and the actors do seem to have a family resemblance. However, Charlie Cox as Will appears to be a favorite for these individuals.

A few people feel it won’t be long before the actors can play themselves realistically, given that they have aged so much since the first season.

The fan believes that Hader should continue to play the older Wolfhard, but Driver is a more accurate copy now because of how Wolfhard’s face has changed as he has gotten older.

Fans began chipping in with younger Max options, given that Heather Graham is a few years older than the other casting possibilities.

Although there have been many reports about a Stranger Things spin-off over the years, nothing has been confirmed yet, and season five could very well be the final season. But for now, it’s just speculation.

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