FanFest Most Anticipated for 2020

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FanFest writes Most Anticipated for 2020. With the end of the year (and the decade) fast approaching, we’re looking forward to what 2020 has to offer us, and we’ve asked our writing staff what they’re most excited for in 2020.

Michelle Patterson (@vampirekangaroo)WW84

I am beyond excited about WW84! I loved the first Wonder Woman film and I am glad that she paved the way for more solo female superhero films that should have happened long ago.

Clare Brunton (@eatentexp) – Schitt’s Creek Final Season

I only discovered Schitt’s Creek this year and binged the show within days. I’m utterly in love with all the characters, the town and everything about it, but especially David. I can’t wait to see what creator Dan Levy has in store for us.

Beth Shiller (@beth_shiller) – Black Widow and more!

Black Widow Trailer
Image via Marvel Studios

Movie wise, I am definitely excited for The King’s Man, Black Widow and Ghostbusters! It’s about time we get a solo story for Natasha! TV wise, I can’t wait for Prodigal Son to come back and for the final season of The 100.

David BurdetteGhost Of Tsushima by Sucker Punch Games


I’ve been anticipating this title for several years. This is the first new IP from Sucker Punch Games since Infamous debuted in 2009. I love it’s blend of samurai history and Tenchu-like ninja stealth. Sucker Punch is promising a humongous world to explore as you avenge your fallen brethren during the first Mongol invasion of Japan in the 1270s. Check out the trailer and tell me you’re not excited!


What are your most anticipated film, TV and games of 2020? Let the FanFest writers know on social.


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