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Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

Earlier this month we asked our Fan Fest readers what TV moment always makes them cry and we received a ton of awesome answers!

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

This post contains possible spoilers for Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Office, Supernatural, LOST, How I Met Your Mother, M*A*S*H, Dr. Who, Agent Carter, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek, Teen Wolf, Star Trek, Grey’s Anatomy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, News Radio, Heartland and Arrow. 

Some submissions were edited for length/clarity. 

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

The series finale of Son’s of Anarchy. I full on Kim K. full face ugly cry every time.

When Jax finds Tara’s body after she was murdered in Sons of Anarchy
-Sarah Wylie

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

There’s a few… When Rick reunites with Lori & Carl in The Walking Dead Season 1, The Office when Michael proposes to Holly, on Parks and Recreation when Ben asks Leslie to marry him, Supernatural (too many moments to name)
-Jen Sansevere  

Michael Scott’s proposal to Holly.
-Just Baldridge

How I Met Your Mother, the “Numbers” episode when there’s a huge countdown and it’s a silly and fun episode and then WHAM…Lily tells Marshall his father died…
-Ryan Oestreich

The final scene in M*A*S*H, So Long, Farewell, Amen. I still cry every time you see the Goodbye BJ wrote out for Hawkeye with the rocks. Greatest show of all time.
-Karma Roberts 

M*A*S*H when Radar enters the OR and reads that Col. Henry Blake’s plane was shot down, it’s a sad moment that gets me and then finding out the raw emotion shown is genuine because nobody knew about it and even Gary Burghoff (Radar) was only given that scene about 5 minutes before going in and all the actors had no idea…
-Ryan Oestreich

M*A*S*H – when Radar tells everyone that Henry Blake was killed when his plane was shot down.
-Denice Moreno 

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

David Tennant as the Doctor every time he says I don’t want to go. I blub like a baby and we have watched it so many times. Just thinking about it I get teary.
-Lynne Adams

The 10th Doctor regeneration has got to be up there as one of the most heart-wrenching moments ever. Makes me cry every time.
-Louise Sibthorpe/@GoldenShimmer 

Doctor Who S1E13 “Doomsday”, when the Doctor and Rose say goodbye. It’s a sad moment that always gets me, no matter how many times I watch it.
-Samantha Rogers 

Doctor Who S5E10 “The Vincent and the Doctor”, at the end when they bring Vincent to the museum. My mom is an artist and an art teacher, so I grew up learning about Vincent Van Gough. It was an amazing episode all around about mental illness.
-Samantha Rogers 

Wilf knocking four times to be let out of the radiation proof room on “The End of Time” on DoctorWho because you know it means 10’s death.
-Maria G.‏/@MsMarialba  

The death of the Tenth Doctor made me teary-eyed.
-Danny Winslow 

‘I don’t want to go’ … the beginning of the Regeneration of Ten, it gets me every time.

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

Daryl walking out of the hospital holding Beth and Maggie sees her and starts crying. That scene is always heartbreaking, to see the group once again lose on of their family after just getting them back.
-Davianna Hallstead

When Maggie and Carl emerge from the prison with the newborn Judith and Rick collapses to the ground as he realizes his wife died in childbirth.
-Kris Tina 

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

A scene in a tv show that always makes me cry is the closing scene of Agent Carter season. Peggy is standing on a bridge in New York and throws the vial of Steve Rodgers blood into the river whilst saying “goodbye my darling” The 40s song playing also helped to make this such a touching and powerful scene. It was also such an important scene in representing her new found independence and growth, showing its ok to let go. It gets me every single time.
-Sasha Wickenden 

In Once Upon A Time when Regina and Henry are in the Underworld and they see Regina’s father, also named Henry, off to Heaven and the 2 Henrys meet for the first time. A VERY emotional scene because you see Regina finally at peace with what she did to her father, her son and father meet for the first time (which Regina regretted couldn’t happen earlier), you see, again, how much her father truly loves her despite her former evilness, and Henry promises to always be there for Regina as her father did.
-Desmond Clark

Not Penny’s Boat… cry even thinking about it
-Dawne Wetter 

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

Star Trek: The Next Generation, when Picard is drawn into a memory of a planet. He lives and entire life on that planet, up to the moment of its destruction. This living memory was the towns way of preserving their way of life.
-Amanda Voncille Gurkins 

Supernatural. In this moment I remember Castiel sacrificing himself when he had absorbed all of the leviathans. I thought for sure he would never rise again, and that his sacrifice had been in vain.
-Amanda Voncille Gurkins 

The scene in Teen Wolf where Stiles has to talk Scott down from ending his own life will always be a tear jerker for me. Scott McCall is a character notorious for his determination and unfaltering courage, so to see him defeated so easily as he stood in a pool of gasoline with a road flare was devastating enough. Stiles’ attempting to save Scott by admitting that he wasn’t just his best friend, but his brother was incredibly emotional, especially with the assistance of Dylan O’Brien’s brilliant depth as an actor. Stiles final line “If you’re gonna do this, then I think you’re just gonna have to take me with you,” was so sincere I was almost convinced he meant it right up until the moment he takes the road flare from Scott. I’m tearing up just thinking about it
-Alicia Gilstorf 

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

When Derek Shepherd dies.
-Kelly Suriano‏/@suriano_kelly 

The entire plane crash episode of Grey’s Anatomy! I cried so hard I can’t watch it again!!
-Brittney Schubert 

I cry every time I watch Mark Sloan tell Lexi Grey that he has always loved her….as she lies dying under the wreckage of the plane crash!
-Janet Bay 

‘Hold the door’ = ugly cry and a headache from said ugly crying.
-Amanda Boyle Grazioso

Hold the door! For sure.
-Bette Redinger 

When Hodor holds the door!
-Matthew Dalton

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

I have a few. The first is when Rick Grimes reunites with his family. Honestly, it is the moment they see each other and Carl screams dad and runs into his father’s arms. I seriously snot cry every time, and I rewatch the series every year before the season premiere lol.
-Amanda Voncille Gurkins

The Walking Dead S1 E3. When Rick and Carl reunite at the camp.
-Melinda Moore‏/@TpaKreweLady 

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

Daryl putting down Walker Merle. Because when Daryl cries, the whole world cries.
-Angie Grant Trombley

When Michonne doesn’t want to hold Judith but does anyway, then breaks down.
-Catina Closson 

Good cry when Rick and Carl find Judith with Carol and Tyreese.
-Michele S Hickey McGinnis 

Rick finds that his daughter is still alive / Daryl hugging Carol after terminus. Happy, happy tears.

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

The only time I cried was watching S7E1 of The Walking Dead and seeing 2 favorite characters go out battered.
-Daniel Rooke 

When Glenn and Abraham were killed the way they were.
-Tina Mccarty Blakely 

That dinner table scene, every freaking time!!!
-Karma Mohler

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

As someone that just rewatched Outlander Season 2… The final episode. So many tears. So many.

When Buffy’s mom died on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, especially that moment when Anya is asking questions, unsure of how to act.
-Bianca Wisdom‏/@bwizzio 

13 Reasons Why with Clay & Hannah scene together at the dance.
-Francisco Frank

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

Sex and the City Season 4 when Miranda stands in the locker buying a bra for her mums Funeral and telling the Saleswoman that her mum died
-Bea25 ‏/@mrs_grimes25 

Easy. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Will’s father bails one last time and Will rants about not needing him. Ends with “Why don’t he want me, man?”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air When Will Smith becomes emotional over his father!
-Terry Savoie 

When Tommy Merlin dies in Oliver’s arms after saving Laurel from his father’s destruction on Arrow.
Cassandra Hudson‏/@CassieLuvsHowie

Oliver telling Felicity he loves her before challenging Ra’s breaks me every time on Arrow. 

Heartland. When Amy & Ty get married in season 9 and when they have their baby in Season 10.
-Beth Rose Herondale 

The entire episode of News Radio when they had to write off Phil Hartman’s character because of his real life murder.
-Ken Murray

Fan Fest Community: TV Moments That Always Make Us Cry

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