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7 TV Show Fan Theories That Will Make You Question Everything

Published on September 25th, 2017 | Updated on September 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

How I Met Your Mother

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The Theory: The theory states that since Barney was considered to be Ted’s “rival” when it came to Robin, that perhaps Ted used his power as the narrator to make Barney seem a lot worse than he really was so his kids would be more open to him getting back together with her.



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The theory: When someone noticed that Rachel was the only one awake on the Season 4 DVD, one fan made a pretty compelling theory that the whole series was, in fact, a dream that Rachel had the night before her wedding.

Breaking Bad

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The Theory: Ther’s a pretty popular theory that says that Walter White goes into the witness protection program and becomes Hal from Cranston’s other show, Malcolm in the Middle. However, one Reddit user came to the conclusion that Breaking Bad is actually the sequel to Malcolm in the Middle 

Exhibit A: the last episode of Malcolm in the Middle vs. the pilot episode of Breaking Bad

Exhibit B: 

[Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle] Walt is not Hal, he’s Malcolm. from FanTheories

Not to mention Cranston and his Malcolm wife, Jane Kaczmarek, got together to film a Breaking Bad alternative ending spoof.

Grey’s Anatomy

The Theory: Since finding out that the pilot episode was actually Meredith talking to her mother in an assisted living, one fan speculated that perhaps the whole show will end with Meredith also in an Alzheimer’s home, telling her children the stories of her days working in the hospital. However, since the Alzheimer’s is taking over her mind the stories are a mixture of both fact and fiction made up from her compromised memory.

My theory about how Grey’s Anatomy will end (Warning: Read at your own risk). from greysanatomy

Fresh Prince of Bel- Air

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The Theory: Upon looking further into the theme song one fan determined that Will’s character on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was actually killed as a child and the whole show was taking place in heaven/purgatory.


This is probably one of the more well-known ~it was all a dream~ fan theories. It goes like this:Angelica was a lonely child, neglected by her parents, and dreamed up the rest of the Rugrats to keep her company. But that's not the darkest part – the babies were all real at one point, they just tragically died. Chuckie died in a car accident, which explains his father's neurotic behaviour. Tommy was stillborn, which drove Stu to madness and is why he spends all of his time in the basement, making toys. Phil and Lil's mother had an abortion, and Angelica never knew the sex of the baby, so she invented identical twins, one male, and one female. Kimi was taken away by social services because her mother was a drug addict. The only real baby was Dil, which is why he was the only baby who didn't talk in the show.Don't worry if you're totally horrified by this theory, though – the show's creator, Arlene Klasky, told BuzzFeed last year that it's definitely not true.

The Theory: Thankfully, this theory has already been debunked by the show’s creator since it’s extremely dark, but it goes that the entire show was a dream had by Angelica who was a lonely and neglected child and created the Rugrats to keep her company.

The Walking Dead

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The Theory: That The Walking Dead and Toy Story have the exact same plot.

What TV fan theory blows your mind?


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