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Enid May Have a Bigger Role in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9

Enid fans, rejoice! It looks like your favorite character from The Walking Dead might just get some time to shine in the upcoming ninth season of the series.

During last week’s The Walking Dead Fan Mailbag from Skybound, Johnny O’Dell took to answering questions which fans had submitted via Twitter. One such question asked about the orphaned character Enid played by Katelyn Nacon on AMC’s The Walking Dead. The fan’s question stated, “Will Enid have more protagonism on s9?”

It’s a valid question. When we first met Enid in season 5, we knew very little about her. Over time, we came to learn that her parents had been killed by walkers and that she was truly on her own. After finding her way to Alexandria, she eventually formed a strong bond with Carl and then with Glenn and Maggie.

Enid May Have a Bigger Role in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9

In the eighth season, Enid’s story took a bit of a backseat during the all-out war storyline though she still had some defining moments. While she and Aaron road tripped to Oceanside in an attempt to recruit the community to their side for the war, Enid ends up shooting and killing Oceanside leader Natania leading to Enid and Aaron being taken hostage by the community. The two were held captive until Cyndie made the decision to let them go.

After they journeyed back to the Hilltop, we later see Enid again after she learns the devastating news of Carl’s fate. This news has left her clearly distraught and angry which is apparent when she lashes out at Michonne while deciding what to do about newcomer Georgie.

Enid May Have a Bigger Role in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9

Fans have to wonder, after the shocking twist of Carl’s death in season eight, might Enid begin to take on some of Carl’s storylines from the comics? Due to Enid’s close relationship with Maggie, who has emerged as the new leader of the Hilltop, might we see her follow suit and step into more of a leadership role?

Johnny O’Dell answered the fan’s question with a pretty definite yes! His response, “You know what? Yes, Enid actually will have a bigger role in Season 9 after being mostly relegated to Oceanside and The Hilltop in Season 8.”

What exactly this means for Enid, we’ll just have to wait to find out for sure when The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season this fall.

Enid May Have a Bigger Role in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9