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Emily Kinney Drops “Boy Band Hero” Video

Emily Kinney has kept busy since her departure from The Walking Dead. 

Even while filming Anhedonia and Netflix’s Messiah, Kinney continues to wow us with her music. Her latest album, Oh, Jonathan is due out on August 24th. (less than 2 months away!)

The album is full of romantic nostalgia as it revolves around a crush that Kinney had on a pop-punk guitarist. The video for her latest single, “Boy Band Hero” keep that theme alive with its daydreamy bop feel.

 “sending up a prayer/ A little goodbye cry/ For the boy band hero from junior high.”

“I wanted something super simple so that people would really listen to the words…I wanted to relate it back to high school when you sit in your classroom, and I can remember my first kiss and going over and over and over it in my head and not paying attention…I wanted to capture that feeling.” Kinney explains. “For me high school was all about marching bands and football games and riding your bike around town.”

“Boy Band Hero” is the second single on the Oh, Jonathan album following “Mermaid Song.”

“When I wrote that song, I suddenly felt a lot of freedom,” Kinney said of the song in a press release. “The synths that you hear became the sonic landscape and starting point for the whole record. I stopped fighting making Oh Jonathan and felt motivated to get it out in the world. I realized I didn’t need anyone’s permission to put out the record or to legitimize my song-writing ability.”

Check out “Boy Band Hero” now.

The album Oh, Jonathan, drops August 24th and you can pre-order it now at