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Emily Kinney Debuts ‘Mermaid Song’

It was announced earlier this week that Emily Kinney was going to release her newest single, Mermaid Song, today October 27. If you haven’t listened to it, I recommend you do so.

I am a mermaid that you dreamt/Swimming away while you slept

The song has an eerieness to it that reminds you of the ocean and how big and open it is while being empty and lonely all at the same time. The synthetic sound and lyrics find a way to wrap all the anxieties and feelings one can feel. Overall the song gives a sense of suffocation.

“I wrote ‘Mermaid Song’ after finally leaving behind a relationship where I never felt like I could fully be myself,” Kinney told Billboard. “‘Mermaid Song’ speaks to a need to be heard and seen and loved authentically. Ben Greenspan produced the song and helped me find cool sounds that made me think of ocean water.”

Baby, we had a nice time but I can’t really breathe up here

“It’s called ‘Mermaid Song,’ so you kind of get the theme of, ‘Oh, I’m a mermaid. I’ll totally be different than these otherworldly people,” Kinney says.

Kinney also released a music video for the single. In the video, Kinney sports a colorful swim suit while chronicling a day spent at the pool. Take a look below!



Oh, Swimming Away


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