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Emily Kinney Talks New Music

We all know her from the The Walking Dead and Ten Days in the Valley, and in case you didn’t know this about her, she makes amazing music!

That’s right, Emily Kinney is back with more music.

“I have quite a bit of new music!” Kinney says. “But one of the things I’ve been wanting to do is take a little more time since my last release and really experiment and work with different producers. I am going to be releasing in October. I’ll release one of the songs that sort of sets up the vibe for the whole next album. We actually made a video that I’ll release in October, too.”

Her single is titled “Mermaid Song” and she describes the song as being about “leaving situations where you don’t fit in…like you want to just swim away.”

This album seems to be more about isolation and self discovery.

“That’s kind of like a theme for me. Even when you’re in a relationship, you’re still finding your own identity. The next album is pretty much about one specific relationship that sort of came up over and over again within the course of the past few years of my life. This first song is about kind of feeling isolated in a relationship being ready to sort of be your own person. It’s called ‘Mermaid Song,’ so you kind of get the theme of, ‘Oh, I’m a mermaid. I’ll totally be different than these otherworldly people,” Kinney reveals.

This album will also feature more of a digital sound. Before, Kinney used a more guitar-based sound (with a hint of glockenspiel on occasion). This time, Kinney uses more synths and programmed percussion. Kinney has been teasing her new song on her Twitter page, so take a listen.

“Mermaid Song” will be released Friday, October 27, 2017.


I’d rather swim alone


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