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E3 2017 Highlights for Day 3 (Part 2) – Sony

Published on June 13th, 2017 | Updated on August 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Sony definitely hit it out of the park with quantity of reveals this year. Whereas it didn’t really give us anything as new and exciting as Anthem, there definitely were a lot of big names at the Sony Press Conference. From new titles to HD Remasters – and a ton of VR Games – Sony’s Press Conference was full of highlights. So let’s recap!

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Nathan Drake’s story might be over, but Uncharted still has a few tales up its sleeves. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will follow the adventures of fan favorites Chloe and Nadine as they pair up to hunt down a series of artifacts that will lead them to the Tusk of Ganesh. Considering Nadine was the antagonist in Uncharted 4, we might finally experience a darker side of the Uncharted universe. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy drops on August 22nd

Horizon Zero Dawn Expansion – The Frozen Wilds

Horizon Zero Dawn is undoubtedly one of the best games of the year – if not the best – and it looks like we’re getting some DLC goodness. With new lands to explore as well as what appears to be a few new robots, this DLC will definitely offer players loads of fun. Another nice touch was that the DLC cinematic featured Aloy in her Shield-Weaver Armor, which is the strongest and hardest to get in the game. This suggests that the DLC will be actual post game story content as opposed to ‘additional side adventures’.

Days Gone

When it comes to zombie games, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. The Last Of Us made itself stand out with incredible story, but how will Bend Studios make their Days Gone title stand out? Well the new Gameplay trailer shown off at E3 gives us a pretty good idea you strategically pit zombies against your living adversaries. Now it remains to be seen if this is actually a full game option or just ‘cut scene’ that have to play out in a certain story mission. Even if it does end up being for show, at least we have zombie bears! That’s pretty different…

God Of War

It’s been a while since we got any God of War news, so of course we knew E3 would provide it. Though whereas the initial reveal gave us a lot of excitement, I feel like this reveal left us with more questions. The gameplay trailer shows Kratos training his son Atreus while unnamed characters speaks of how the Gods in this new real don’t like strangers, how Kratos must forget his past, and how the boy has a very different view of the world than his father. Though what does this all mean? Why is Kratos in this new land and what happened between the games? Why is the boy “cursed” and will his view of the world become as dark as his father’s?

Though a bigger mystery might be why the World Serpent is offering to “help” Kratos and Atreus. Why is the villain of most Norse mythology being such a nice snake? Is he hoping Kratos will kill these Gods much like he did in Greece? Will God of War usher in Ragnarok? So many questions but thankfully the early 2018 release date should mean more answers are on the horizon!

Detroit: Become Human

Last year at E3, we were treated to a new game called Detroit: Become Human where an android was sent in for a hostage negotiation. The game highlighted its ability to plan all outcomes and leave every choice up to the player. This year at E3, we got a new trailer, which shows off a new playable character’s story as well as what happens when one chooses the more violent route. Between the gameplay and subject matter, this game is certainly looking impressive.

Destiny 2

We already got a ton of details about Destiny 2 a few weeks ago at the Bungie Live Event, but E3 gave us some more teasers as well as the full reveal of Gary… I mean Gaul. I actually shouldn’t joke because Gaul looks absolutely terrifying in this new trailer. As we discussed previously, Gaul is driven out of jealous and disgust for the Guardians. He feels he and his legion are more worthy of the Traveler’s light than these cowardly humans who hide behind walls. He says we’ve forgotten the fear of death, and well, he aims to “reacquaint us”…. Swell guy!

Though with this being the Sony Press Conference, we knew we’d get some details on what Sony and Bungie will achieve together. As expected, Sony will always be the home of Destiny and thus will get a ton of exclusive content like the “Lake Of Shadows” strike as well as more Maps and Gear. Again, we already knew/ suspected most of this, but considering Destiny had so little in terms of story, it’s great that Destiny 2 is really making it a point to sell their new epic story!

Spider-Man (Insomniac)

Closing out Sony’s press conference, we finally got gameplay of Insomniac’s latest hit. No, not another Ratchet & Clank; but rather Spider-Man! We got to follow Peter on a city wide adventure as he tackles a mysterious new band of criminals known as the Demons. From various web shooter ammo types to ways to time slowing Spidey sense, this game is without a doubt the most true to form Spider-Man game yet. Though the most exciting moments came towards the end of the demonstration as Spidey went swinging through the city and wall running to catch up to a rouge helicopter. And even greater still, was a final Easter Egg of Miles Morales being in the game.

Will this game have two Spider-Men? Does Peter actually die pretty early and this is a Miles Morales story? Was that just an Easter Egg and I’m making too much of this? Whatever the answers to these story questions might be, the gameplay of this looks really fun regardless! It’s like Assassins Creed meets the Gotham series. Man, is it 2018 yet? 

Other Notables – Monster Hunter World, VR Games & Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

From Monster Hunter World that shows off an impressive world of monsters and scenery to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, which appears to have an incredible story campaign, there were plenty of other franchise installments shown off at Sony’s E3 Conference. Though we also got a bunch of new VR like Skyrim, The Inpatient, Final Fantasy 15: Monsters of the Deep and Moss – or as I like to call it, Mouse Souls. Though the biggest standout from the smaller attractions was an ULTRA HD Remaster of Shadow Of The Colossus. If you ever played Shadow Of The Colossus, then you know why this is exciting news. From the scale of its bosses to its stunning visuals, this is the kind of game it’s hard to improve upon content wise. That’s why this is actually the second remake of the game, but instead of a simple HD port, this is a full on Remaster for the PS4; and it looks glorious!

There’s still more to go at E3, so be sure to stay tuned as we recap the biggest announcements this year!


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