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‘DuckTales’ Un-Plucked – Episode #19 “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!”

Published on July 24th, 2018 | Updated on August 15th, 2018 | By FanFest

It’s the episode we’ve been waiting for since Episode 4, the episode where Lena would have to choose between her friendship with Webby and her freedom from her Aunt Magica. Though whereas I initially figured this would occur during the climax of the McDuck / DeSpell showdown, it now appears that the climax is still building.

Magica’s powers and monstrous tendencies are growing, but so too did Lena’s courage in this redeeming tale. Throw in a frat-boy Bigfoot and you have this week’s episode. There’s a lot to get to so pull up your DVRs – or just click on the link below – and let’s get ready to take a Closer Look at Ducktales (2017) Episode 19, “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!”


Nightmares & Tenderness – Balancing the Serious With The Lighthearted:

It was said that Scrooge’s “Other Bin” is for his darkest, most dangerous artifacts. Well, it’s only fitting that the episode of the same name happened to be the darkest yet! Whereas past episodes hinted at manipulation and betrayal, this one steered directly into it and gave us by far the heaviest episode yet! Webby’s relationship with Lena finally reached its climax as we saw Lena manipulate Webby into hunting for Scrooge’s Number One Dime; but after coming face to face with her worst nightmare, Lena realizes what’s most important. In many ways, this was the conclusion of Lena’s character arc as many ideas brought up in past episode were either fulfilled or squashed.

The precise moment of this/ the climax comes when Scrooge discovers the two’s plan and rather than get mad, simply tells them that they should have come to him first. This level of acceptance warms Lena’s heart as she realizes it’s not just Webby, but the entire McDuck clan that has been a better family to her than her own. Magica once again tries to dissuade Lena by telling her that they won’t accept her when they learn what she is, and that they’ll think she’s a monster – much like she did in Episode 14 – but Lena isn’t falling for it this time! Though before she can tell Scrooge who her aunt is – the importance of which I’ll get to in a moment – Magica completely possesses Lena. It’s this overshadowing that end Lena’s immediate character arc since next time we see her, she’ll be Magica. Though it’s also this heavy subject matter which made us NEED an antics-filled side plot.

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Story-wise, the Tenderfoot subplot was simply to tie in to Scrooge’s hunt of what’s wrong in the mansion (he’s hunting Magica and whoops, there’s a Bigfoot to distract him). Though from a tonal perspective, the story of Tenderfoot was to make this a much less heart-in-throat episode. ‘Adopt a Bigfoot’ tales (ie: Harry and the Hendersons) all have this heartwarming feel to them, so it was great having this bigfoot turn out to be a frat boy who was just using the family to live the high life. Hell, what Bigfoot knows how to use a panini press? If it wasn’t for this Bigfoot vs Louie tale to soften the episode, the story of Scrooge’s “other bin” would have been even darker than it already was.

Magica & Scrooge’s History – Continued:

Lena’s character arc might be over for now, but Magica’s isn’t. As I said in the last section, the next time we see Lena, it’s actually going to be Magica. And whereas that’s sad for Lena fans, it does give us a chance to learn even more about Magica as a character. That being said, there’s still a lot we have been clued in to about Magica’s past – especially as it relates to Scrooge. I put forth a theory in my Episode 14 Closer Look that Scrooge and Magica had a messy break up; and this episode gave some more weight to that idea.

For the first time – to my knowledge – this is where Magica directly uses the word “revenge”. This isn’t just her going after the dime of some billionaire, this is her getting her revenge on someone. Maybe Scrooge is the one who trapped her in that form – whether accidentally or purposefully. Or maybe it’s because he broke her heart. OR maybe it’s both. Either way, we can be sure of one thing: Magica is someone on the forefront of Scrooge’s mind as well.

It’s subtle, but notice how Lena was going to tell Scrooge. She wasn’t going to say, “I was trying to steal your Number One Dime for my aunt” or anything of the sort. All she felt she had to tell him was “My Aunt is Magica De Spell”. Lena knew that would have been enough for Scrooge to get it. Magica isn’t just another of the countless evils Scrooge has bested over the years. Magica was different and Lena knew that. That is why Magica prevented her from saying ‘Magica’.  Again, it’s subtle, but it shows that Scrooge and Magica were once very closely tied. Just a first name would have been enough for everything to click. Just a first name would have been enough for Scrooge to realize his past was back.

Things That “Quacked” Us Up – Easter Eggs, Quotes & More:

  • Webby mentions “Duckworth’s Soul’s cleaning schedule”, which means he is thankfully still around. Now if we could only see him once more.
  • During Lena’s nightmare scene, Magica turned Webby into a ragdoll that resembled her original Ducktales incarnation.
  • It was mentioned twice – and demonstrated once – this episode that Magica’s powers are growing as the eclipse nears. So it’s safe to say the climax of this storyline – perhaps of this season as a whole – will occur during the eclipse.
  • As you might have noticed during one of the commercial breaks, next week’s episode will feature yet another ’80/90s Disney cartoon update’. Next week’s air pirates are actually the Air Pirates from the Jungle Book spin-off, Tailspin! So stay tuned for that!
  • Favorite Quotes:
    • “OH, let’s take a Blood Oath!” (Webby)
    • “Simple minded? He’s making a sandwich on a panini press!” (Louie)
    • “Someone’s wearing her crazy pants today.” (Magica)
    • “So you figured out the Bigfoot in your house is scaming you. Problem is, the BIGFOOT in your house is scaming you. And yeah, bro, he lifts…” (Tender Feet Gavin)
    • “Oh Bigfoot, you just poked a bear…” (Louie)
    • “I win…” (Louie)

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