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Disney CEO Hints at new Marvel Franchise

The Marvel studios Team has already plotted out Marvel movies which will presumably take the all involved in Marvel and fans alike, “into the next decade”.

Bob Iger, Disney CEO, hinted this week on an Investors call, that there will be something coming, what he called “a new franchise beyond Avengers.”

This idea has us wondering what this new franchise could possibly be. In the Marvel Comics Universe, there are numerous characters which the studio could work around but that makes their options endless too.

Now, he did say they would “try their hand” at it, so it may start out lightly.
This is an exciting prospect for sure, and we can guess it may have come out of the new Disney-Fox deal settled a few weeks ago.


In the comics, the current version of the Avengers does end leaving room for a new one in its place. (The new team consists of Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine). The new Avengers could have something to do with X-Men now that Marvel studios has taken back ownership of them.

The deal also opens up the possibilities to use Fantastic Four, including characters like Galactus, Annihilus and the Silver Surfer. This could open a whole new space world and possibly the Annihilation space war that takes place in the comics.

Other possibilities to take forward the “New Avengers” could be the highly successful Black Panther, and upcoming Captain Marvel along with Spectrum, America Chavez and Blue Marvel.

Maybe the new franchise will focus more on the women, sine the current Avengers are made mostly of men.

Thinking about all the options that could be brand new stories that eventually culminate in Avengers-type films is a luxury we are definitely looking forward to! We’re just anxious to see the start of what they have planned for us