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Director, Todd Phillips, Sets The Record Straight On ‘Joker 2’ Reports

Published on November 25th, 2019 | Updated on November 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

A few days ago, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Joker director, Todd Phillips, was in talks to co-write and direct Joker 2 and that Joaquin Phoenix was under a contract to be in the sequel. As part of the talks, Phillips met with Warner Bros head Toby Emmerich and requested that he take control of part of the DC Universe to expand what he accomplished with Joker and create more origin stories.

However, that report appears to be incorrect, as Phillips spoke with Indiewire and stated that he meeting did not happen:

“I can honestly say to you there was no meeting that ever happened on October 7 where I marched in,” Phillips said. “First of all, if you know me and my career, that’s not my style. I made a huge comedy at Warner Bros., ‘The Hangover,’ and I didn’t suddenly become a comedy factory producer, like, oh, let’s just churn out movies. Bradley [Cooper] and I have a production company at Warners. I’ve been at Warners for 15, 16 years. We have two things in development at all times, not 40 things like some people. I’m not the kind of guy who goes marching in saying I want these 40 titles. I just don’t have the energy.”

He then went on:

“Here’s the real truth about a sequel. While Joaquin and I have talked about it, and while touring the world with Warner Bros executives — going to Toronto, and Venice, and other places — of course, we’re sitting at dinner and they’re saying, ‘So, have you thought about…?’ But, talking about contracts, there’s not a contract for us to even write a sequel, we’ve never approached Joaquin to be in a sequel. Will that happen? Again, I just think the article was anticipatory at best.”

Joker, having been the most profitable comic book and R-rated film in history, would clearly demand a sequel by both fans and the studio. Like all great things, they just take time and there appears to be no rush to get Joker 2 to the public.
What do you think about the prospect of Joker 2? Or, are you ready for another origin story first, such as The Penguin or another great Batman villain?

Let us know in the comments below!

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