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Did “The Bridge” Just Plant the Seed For Maggie’s ‘Walking Dead’ Exit?

This article contains spoilers from Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead titled “The Bridge” – If you aren’t caught up then read at your own risk!

Since the news that Andrew Lincoln would be leaving The Walking Dead dropped, it’s been easy for fans to forget that Lauren Cohan, who has been playing Maggie Greene on the series since season 2, will also be saying farewell in season 9. While we have no idea how Lincoln will exit the series, Cohan has been very vocal about Maggie’s exit not being permanent and her story being “open-ended.

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Well, on this past Sunday’s episode titled “The Bridge” it seems a seed may have been planted hinting at how Maggie would make a believable exit from her leadership post at the Hilltop. In a quick conversation between Maggie and Jesus, she reveals that she has been re-reading some of Georgie’s old letters, referencing the mysterious woman who popped up last season with “the key to the future” – a guide to rebuilding civilization.

Maggie tells Jesus that she’s “thinking about how much she’s done for us. How much is still left to do.” That’s when things got a bit intriguing:

[row]”You thinking about joining her? You know she’ll never get tired of asking,” Jesus asks. [/row]

If you’re like me, you most likely missed this exchange entirely during the episode because you were eyeballing the gorgeous portraits of Glenn, Hershel, Beth and more that were hanging on Maggie’s wall.

Did "The Bridge" Just Plant the Seed For Maggie's 'Walking Dead' Exit?

Maggie is quick to tell Jesus that there is still much left to be done at the Hilltop but after an assassination attempt, the execution of Gregory, and growing tensions between the other communities, things are definitely a bit overwhelming for Maggie at the moment. A fresh start at a new community with Georgie could be the perfect way to write her character off for a bit. Plus, having her somewhat nearby would make it a lot easier for Kang and the team to write her back in when she does choose to return.

Did you catch this exchange between the two? Do you think Maggie will leave the show to go work with Georgie?