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‘Destiny 2’ Releases Its Best Trailer EVER Ahead of “Forsaken” Expansion

Over the past few months, Destiny 2 has slowly showed signs of a comeback. Between the Solstice of Heroes bounties and ‘Whisper of the Worm’ secret quest, it actually started feeling fun again – which brings us to today! Destiny 2 just released a massive Free Update that completely overhauls the weapon systems ahead of next week’s Forsaken release. Since it’ll be the one year mark, this DLC will either serve as the final nail in Destiny 2’s coffin or – like the Taken King for Destiny – stand as its saving grace.

As such, Bungie is pulling out all the stops and their newly released launch trailer is honestly… well… let’s just say a trailer has never gotten me more hyped revenge. So check out the trailer below, and then meet me after that to discuss – because there is SO much this trailer (and possibly expansion) does right!

By far one of the most disheartening things about the Destiny universe is that your character rarely – if ever – speaks. In fact, the last time our Guardian spoke was at the conclusion of the Black Garden campaign in Destiny – the vanilla, base story. Whether defeating Gods, becoming an Iron Lord, getting revenge on Gaul or meeting iconic characters like Osiris. Our Guardian has stayed silent through all of it; but not anymore! The delivery of every character line – not just our own – in this trailer is just dripping with loads of raw emotion.

Zavala is just as overly cautious as ever; Ikora is calling out Zavala out; and Cayde’s final words are as sharp as a knife! But it is our Guardian that really makes us begin to feel the rage. Yes, we felt it ever since we learned of Cayde’s impending death; but hearing our Guardian have as much malice in his voice as we do just magnifies our/ justifies it. We are not ‘the silent here of the city’ this time around. We are an outlaw and we’re going to make some very seedy connections to get our revenge.

There’s a lot more I want to discuss about this trailer – like the implications of Uldren with a shard of the Traveler, what the Raid for this Expansion has in store as well as whether or not Zavala’s overly cautious behavior might be well founded – but there is no way to discuss that without divulging some MASSIVE Spoilers. So for now, enjoy the trailer and perhaps I’ll write a more Spoiler-filled Destiny 2 article next time.

THAT BEING SAID, we’ve been fooled by a flashy trailer before. Remember how the “Infinite Forest” for Curse of Osiris was originally heralded as an ever changing landscape and then just became fluff before every mission/ adventure? I want Destiny 2 to succeed; but after the past year of gaming in general (not just a Destiny problem), I’m more wary of pre-orders. If the reviews/ first impressions are great, I’ll buy it on or around its release day. If not – and it turns out our Guardian only speaks once in this entire DLC and we go on a bunch of unrelated quests – well…. ugh. But I’m going to try to think positive, and if the leaks about the missions/ raid are true, then this really will be an awesome time! Hell, this might be the first expansion I actually make it a goal to do the Raid. In the end, I want this expansion – and Destiny 2 Year 2 – to keep us as attached to our screens as this trailer does!

Destiny 2 “Forsaken” releases September 4th, but this Saturday (September 1st) you can try out the new PvP/ PvE mode “Gambit” for Free.