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Danny McBride Reveals Major Plot Twists For New ‘Halloween’ Movie

Earlier this week I announced news regarding the new Halloween movie being produced and co-written by Danny McBride and directed by co-writer David Gordon Green.

In that article, McBride revealed, on the Jim Norton and Sam Roberts Show, information about when the film would begin production. FULL ARTICLE HERE.

In that same podcast interview, McBride also gave some very interesting info. It is not going to be a reboot but a continuation instead. Here’s what he had to say:

It’s not a reboot, it’s not gonna be a rehash. It’s a continuation of Michael Myers – where we’re choosing to continue it from, you’ll have to see when the movie comes out. I’d already seen all these movies but I’ve really been studying them now, and just thinking about all the people that have been hired to make a Michael Myers movie. Just trying to avoid any mistakes that those people might’ve made.

The first Halloween is scary as shit. And the second Halloween is scary, but not as scary. And then from there, it isn’t as scary. And I really think that what happens with it is that he basically becomes Frankenstein. No matter what anyone hits him with, he’s not gonna die. There’s no suspense.

We’re just trying to play with that. Make him real. Not make him real by giving him some crazy backstory either. Just getting back to the basics. Even the moment that they made Laurie and Michael Myers siblings – it also makes it not quite as scary. So all that kind of stuff to us… those are the things that took an amazing idea and took it somewhere it wasn’t quite as effective.

So, if it is a continuation and he doesn’t want to make Laurie Strode his sister, will she be a key figure in the film at all? I would think that they must start their story from Halloween night when he’s 6 and kills his sister in her bedroom. In the original film, Strode was not even mentioned to have been born in the beginning.

Danny McBride Reveals Major Plot Twists For New 'Halloween' Movie

Let’s do the math. Michael is said to be 6 years old when he kills Judith Myers. He is sent to the sanitarium and escapes on Halloween Eve when he is 21. That is obviously a difference of 15 years. Laurie in the film looks to be about 17. And according to Halloween: H2O, she was 17, making her at least 2 years-old back in 1963.

So do they just cancel Laurie out of the fim altogether, not make them siblings at all, or make them siblings but just change the original plot a bit?

I love this movie franchise. Whether the movies were cheesy and made no sense at all, I continue to be a loyal fan, except for that third film. Like, what was up with that??? I am still confused about it?

So what are your thoughts and predictions for the new Halloween film? What would you like to see them keep or change? Sound off in the comments below.

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