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‘CTR Nitro-Fueled’s Awesomely Adorable New Grand Prix – Back N. Time

Just when you thought you could put your need for speed to rest, CTR Nitro-Fueled pulls you back in! It’s time for yet another major content drop as Beenox and Activision prepare to release the next Grand Prix: ‘Back N. Time’. Between new rewards and an absolutely N. Sane new track, this Grand Prix is bringing a lot to the table. So let’s take a quick look at the announcement/ news briefing and then go into everything that’s coming!

Too Fast, Too Adorable – New Racers, Carts and Skins:

Let’s talk about the giant elephant – I mean tiny adorable racers – in the room. Baby Crash and Coco are beyond adorable! Seriously! I don’t just need these skins, but also a plushie or two as well. Though these are not the only skins you’ll be able to unlock. Skins such as Sabertooth Pura, Caveman Zem and Stone Age N. Tropy really capture that prehistoric vibe. Though if your preferred time-travel antic is more ‘Back to the Future’ than ‘Back in Time’, then the Mad Scientist skins are for you. These are available for both Crash and Ripper Roo, and let them take on a very Doc Brown appearance. Though there’s more than just skins of course as the true star of this Grand Prix is the new racer Baby T, whom you might remember from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped.

Beyond skins and racers, there’s also the usual assortment of stickers and paint jobs. Though it’s the new karts that also deserve some love. The Probulot 2000 (originally from Crash Tag Team Racing) again captures that ‘Back to the Future’ vibe for me. Additionally, we see Baby T driving a bone-encrusted kart, which I assume to be the ‘Lava Rock Wheels’. With all these karts, we better have an epic course to use them all on. And thankfully, Beenox does not disappoint!

Back N. Time Grand Prix Roadmap
Credits: Activision

Race on Prehistoric Playground – New Track:

Last month, Activision shared how the upcoming Prehistoric Playground track was going to be inspired – at least partly – by the Fossil Fuel Injection track from Crash Tag Team Racing. Though the story of the track – at least in conception – involves the master of time (N. Tropy) and Fake Crash. So it goes, Fake Crash stole N. Tropy’s time staff and went back in time with it to create a sort-of “FAKE past”. And this all absolutely shows in the footage we’ve seen thus far as there are multiple Fake Crash-like Cavemen throughout the track as well as some dinos with the Fake Crash look (ie: Fake Diplodocus). Additionally, the starting line of the track has what appears to be a shattered version of N. Tropy’s scepter. Though my favorite thing about this track is the realization that – considering recent scientific discoveries – the Chicken T-Rex in CTR’s “FAKE past” might be more scientifically accurate than the T. Rex from Jurassic Park.

All joking aside though, this track is incredible to look at and the gameplay hints at quite a few interesting mechanics. It shouldn’t be too long before players find all the short cuts as well as which paths are the most time-saving. So get ready racers! The Back N. Time Grand Prix starts this Friday, August 2nd. Will you be able to survive the “FAKE past”?

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