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‘Crash Team Racing’ Reveals Tons of FREE Seasonal Content – Grand Prix, Spyro & More

Published on June 11th, 2019 | Updated on June 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

I wholeheartedly thought the Launch Trailer was the final piece of info we’d get for Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled; but I was wrong! For a while now, it has seemed like Activision/ Beenox mean business with this CTR Remaster. First adding customization, then tracks and characters from later games? Looks like they truly want CTR to rival the Mario Kart series like it did back in the day. Well, E3 is the yearly place for games to show what they’ve got – and Crash saved the best for last!

As of the moment, Crash Team Racing already has over 20 playable characters, 31 tracks and 12 battle arenas – which is enough to rival the current Mario Kart roster. Though today – courtesy of a fun-filled CTR TV segment – we learned that Activision/ Beenox have much more in store!

After release, Crash Team Racing will have Seasonal offerings courtesy of the Grand Prix. Each season’s Grand Prix will add a never-before-seen track as well as give racers a chance to earn new characters, skins and other items. Players will earn these items by completing challenges and the best part it: It’s all free!

More details will come as the seasons commence; but we already know quite a bit about the first 2-3 seasons. The first Grand Prix – ‘Nitro Tour’ – will let players race on a new track called ‘Twilight Tour’. Additionally, racers can unlock Tawna and the Trophy Girls as playable characters! The second Grand Prix – ‘Back N. Time’ – will bring another new track called ‘Prehistoric Playground’. This ‘time’ around – see what I did there – players can unlock Baby T as well as other Baby characters.

Credit: Activision

Spyro Coming to CTR

Though the biggest allure will come in Season 3 when Spyro the Dragon will make his debut in Crash Team Racing. Fans have long theorized/ hoped about this addition; and the Activision/ Beenox team did not disappoint! Spyro and Crash have a long intertwined history and Spyro even appeared in Crash Nitro Kart. That is what led so many to think it’ll happen again when CTR finally released. Though looking at the Road Map, it’s safe to assume Spyro won’t be the only Spyro character unlockable that season.

That being said, since Spyro is the 3rd season of content, there’s sadly no in-game footage of him yet. Though with Spyro and Crash taking turns each year in releasing a new game, I wonder if this will all be connected. Sure Spyro’s track is sure to be something iconic from the series; but I wonder if there’ll be an in-game explanation for this crossover. Bringing these worlds together opens up a ton of new possibilities for both games; and there’s no telling what other franchises could make their way in for future seasons.

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