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Cooper Andrews and Khary Payton Represent The Kingdom at Walker Stalker Atlanta

Walker Stalker Atlanta is in full swing this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center for the biggest Walking Dead fan meetup all year!

Today is the final day, and next up is Khary Payton and Cooper Andrews who play King Ezekiel and Jerry of The Kingdom!

The panel started off with talking about Khary and Cooper’s other projects: Teen Titans Go! And Shazam, respectively. They’re both proud of these projects and to segue to The Walking Dead, fans started to ask questions.

“One of the greatest things about being Ezekiel, and what I love about being on The Walking Dead is that everyone says my name right… It makes me so happy!”

Cooper was asked how he got into acting and the show and what his favorite cobbler was.

“The one we are actually serving [at his table] is my favorite. I made the one yesterday and today is one that my mom and my wife made, oh I got married last month, it’s was pretty awesome, but yeah, raspberry.”

Khary was asked if he worked with a tiger and what animal inspired him with Shiva.

“I got the job because I already had a tiger… no, there was no tiger, we shoot in 8 days and with horses and dogs on set, it takes an 3 extra hours, so to bring a tiger in… we don’t have time. The first time I saw Shiva was when you all saw Shiva. I remember looking over [in the scene] and thinking, gee, I wonder what this is going to look like,” said Khary. “I’m a dog lover, I’ve had dogs most of my life so I used that, I thought of her as a big protective dog.”

Speaking about tonight’s episode, Khary mentioned that the cast rides a lot of horses season. Cooper jumped in to talk about his time working with horses.

“I’m not great with the horses… Any dialogue I have when on a horse, I’m not comfortable on the horse and it’s fine, the horse knows it, but I’m just going to act like I know what I’m doing,” Cooper said. “So tonight, when you watch, just know I’m like, ‘Do this, do this right, oh my god, you’re  going to fall, you’re going to fall.’”

One of the final questions was how did the two prepare for their relationship on the show.

“We just clicked like that…I don’t remember a moment when we weren’t, just tight…We’ve just been boys, that’s it. pig wrangling makes  you closer what can I say,” said Khary.

More fun from the panel to come…stay tuned!