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‘The Walking Dead’ Stars Khary Payton and Cooper Andrews Have an Epic Dance-Off Battle at Walker Stalker Con Boston

Walker Stalker Con Boston is in full swing and day one of the festivities has been jam-packed full of fun, fans, and freestyle dancing. Yup, we’re serious about that last one. There was an epic showdown between two of The Walking Dead fan favorites – Khary Payton (who plays King Ezekiel) and Cooper Andrews (King Ezekiel’s side kick, Jerry).

The two Kingdom companions attended Saturday’s Sticktionary panel during the convention and engaged in a rather impressive dance-off.

First up was Andrews who kicked off the contest with his smooth moves stunned the crowd.  Andrews even busted out the robot at one point hoping that would seal him the deal as the winner.  Check out Cooper Andrews bustin’ a move below:

Khary Payton couldn’t let that awesome display of dancing go unanswered.  Payton pulled out all the stops during his turn when he busted out “the worm” for the full-length of the panel stage.  Check out Khary Payton’s serious slithering skills below:

So now it’s time for YOU to decide!  Who do you think should be the King of the Kingdom Dance-Off Battle in Boston 2017?  Are you Team Ezekiel or Team Jerry?  Tell us who you think should win in the comment section below!