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‘COLONY’: Highlights from episode 3.07 ‘A Clean, Well-Lighted Place’

The Bowmans have settled in to Seattle as the Daltons, but something more than their name seems amiss.

Gracie has recuperated and is attending school. Bram has a job delivering “allocations”, which seems to be the same thing as rations with a fancier name. Will appears to be working as a private driver and a private investigator. Katie is working with SRMA (Seattle Refugee Management Agency), the same place her family was “processed” in last week’s episode.

The Bowmans continue to go by their pseudo name of Dalton. This seems odd since we saw Will’s real name on the monitor during his interview last week.

Things feel different

Will and Katie are like two ships passing in the night. Will returns home from evening work. Katie leaves to go to her day job. No words are exchanged. There is an obvious wedge between the two of them. Gracie is worried that her parents will get a divorce.

There is an enormous digital presence in Seattle. The allocation orders that Bram delivers are scanned on a cell phone. At one point, Bram reminds Gracie to take her phone with her. Will pays a bar tab with his phone. Granted, digital payment and processing has been readily available for some time, but it seems to be more of a requirement in Seattle.

Is Seattle a colony?

We get a flashback of Everett Kynes watching Seattle falling apart. Drones are zipping across the city. Buildings are on fire. The IGA is trying to reach him. He will only speak with the Chancellor.

Everett Kynes blames the city’s demise on the IGA using his algorithm incorrectly.

Kynes says he will watch the city disintegrate or the IGA can give him full control of the Seattle colony. He demands that Seattle be free of any occupation presence including redhats.

So, yes, it is indeed a colony, but it seems like Kynes wants to downplay that fact. We can only assume that Kynes is still in control of Seattle, but we do not know for sure. We only see him in the flashback.

Disappearing Seattle-ites

Will appears to be on a personal quest to find out why some of the Seattle colonists seem to have disappeared into thin air. He even refers to them as being “abducted”. Will is currently looking for a man name Terry Lennox. Will has been hired privately by Terry’s wife.

Will finally tracks down Terry only to learn that Lennox has taken on the identity former acquaintance Jonathan Crane complete with a new wife Lillian Crane. Lennox left his real family behind.

Will beats up Terry/Jonathan and almost takes his life before seeing his own reflection in the car window. Will leave the man writhing in pain on the floor.

Katie also encounters a strange disappearance of Seattle residents. Her work as an advocate at the refugee center involves placing refugees in tiers, some tiers taking longer than others to find permanent residence. The Winslow family claims they have waited long enough and are planning to leave Seattle in the morning. Katie fears for their safety and wants to help them. She can also relate to them also having lost a child on the road.

Her co-worker Michelle suggests that Katie, who is now going by Laura, revisit the Winslow family’s file. Michelle says skilled laborers are currently in demand. Katie manages to reclassify the Winslow family with the father having construction skills. Katie is delighted that they are finally being processed out of the refugee camp. She decides to visit their new home with a housewarming gift.

Upon arrival, no one answers the door at the address Michelle gave Katie. Katie opens the door to find the small, one room studio apartment in the public housing unit completely. Where has the Winslow family really been taken?

An old friend

Will returns to Mrs. Lennox who hired him to find her husband. In an act of kindness, he does not tell her that her husband has betrayed her and left his family behind. Instead, Will tells her that Terry died of a heart attack and dismisses his theory about people being taken from the colony.

Will leaves and goes to his car. We sense that someone is watching him. He hears one of the car doors open and assumes it is a new fare. He says he is not on duty. He then hears the familiar voice suggesting that’s not how you treat “an old friend”. It is a clean-shaven Eric Broussard. Broussard uses Will’s pseudo name and tells Will he was hard to find.

Other developments:

  • Jonathan Crane (actually Terry Lennox) tells Will he works for the Seattle Initiative. When Will inquires what that is, Crane says that is classified information.
  • Bram is hanging out with an underground crowd of party-goers. He also seems to have developed a romantic interest in a young lady there.
  • Bram inquires about a new job, one that will offer lodging of his own and a vehicle.
  • Will and Katie come to blows after hosting a “required” neighborhood party. Katie suggest that they must settle for the way things are now. Will reminds her that she did not use to settle.
  • Katie’s friend Michelle suggests that Will apply for a position with Community Patrol. Will is not interested.

Colony delivers a brand new setting this week, complete with new mysteries and questions. Fans are excited to see the reunion of Will and Broussard. It should be exciting to see how those two proceed from here.

Come back next week for more highlights from the exciting third season of Colony!