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‘COLONY’: Highlights of episode 3.04 ‘Hospitium’

Published on May 24th, 2018 | Updated on May 24th, 2018 | By FanFest

Colony episode 3.04 ‘Hospitium’ raises questions of loyalty and the future of the Resistance.

Broussard and Amy continue their quest to reach the Resistance camp. The Bowmans and Uncle Snyder remain at MacGregor’s camp despite growing objections to his leadership. Bram makes a dangerous discovery and MacGregor makes a rash decision.

MacGregor flashback

We get a peek into Andrew MacGregor’s past and learn that he has been suspicious of the government for a long time. When the government gets wind of his website, he is framed and subsequently arrested. After skipping bail, he flees to the camp location that eventually becomes a haven for the Resistance movement.

Camp meeting

After communicating with the Click, Will and Katie tell Bram and Snyder about their findings. They talk about how the crashed spacecraft from Big Bear had “guts” inside as opposed to a machine like the Click. Snyder reveals IGA rumors of the hosts having an enemy. He also talks about the defensive grid being produced at the Factory. (Of course, viewers know that the Factory has been destroyed.)

The following morning MacGregor calls a meeting with everyone. With great bravado he claims that the Click is dishonest and speaks “poison”. He plans to destroy the Click and execute a blow against the Collaboration.

Will and Katie try to change MacGregor’s mind about destroying the Click. When Katie reveal intelligence about the Factory that she did not record in the notebook, MacGregor becomes even more angry at them. He refuses to keep the Click for further interrogation. It will be destroyed.

The blow is a bomb

Katie and Will enlist Vincent’s help in trying to convince MacGregor to keep the Click, but his efforts are futile. Meanwhile, Bram does some investigating and discovers that the camp is building a huge bomb.

Vincent tells them that MacGregor is planning to put the Click and said bomb on a train to Seattle to send a message. Katie points out that this puts innocent people in harm’s way.

The Bowmans and Vincent prepare a plan of distraction, so they can capture MacGregor and convince him to keep the Click. When they storm MacGregor’s cabin, it is empty, but not for long. Suddenly, MacGregor and his minions blindside the Bowmans from both the front and back entrance.

MacGregor convinces Vincent that the Bowmans are double agents and that he should not trust them. Vincent lowers his weapon. MacGregor orders the Bowmans to be sent to the brig.

Slippery Snyder

Snyder is clearly of the opinion that they should all leave the camp. While everyone else is trying to change MacGregor’s mind, Snyder manages to slip past a guard with a phony story about bringing materials to the agricultural group.

Snyder heads out into the woods and is desperately looking for the tracking device he buried on his way to the Resistance camp. As he struggles to find the device, he is captured in the woods by MacGregor’s security detail. One of the guards knocks out Snyder out with his gun. Snyder loses a boot in the process as they drag him away.

Contact for the camp location

Amy manages to reach a Resistance operative about getting the location of the camp.  Broussard becomes suspicious when he learns that Amy does not already know the actual location of the camp. She reminds him that he has not revealed all to her either.

They enter an auto yard and look for the contact. The contact holds them at gunpoint and verifies some information before he will speak to them.

He does give them the coordinates for the camp despite the break in protocol. He was unable to reach the camp for permission because communications have been down. The contact says things went down not long after a package from Los Angeles arrived at the camp. Broussard immediately asks if it was a gauntlet.

Are our survivors getting close to intersecting?

Time to go

Broussard senses trouble and says they need to leave immediately. Broussard, Amy, and their contact make a run for it. The contact is shot and killed, but Amy and Broussard just barely make it out unscathed.

Broussard confronts Amy and asks if she set him up. Is she a traitor. Amy takes offense at his accusations. She claims her innocence and they move onward.

After a chilly journey across water, the two try to warm up by a fire. Amy shows Broussard a flyer advertising “A New Seattle”. They continue to wonder if new really refers to the bio-weapon Amy heard about. Broussard burns the flyer and apologizes to Amy for not trusting her.

Where is everyone?

The next day (presumably) they find the boot left behind by Snyder. This puts them close to MacGregor’s camp.

We see them walk into the camp, but it is eerily empty. Amy and Broussard are confused. So are we!

That’s a wrap for the fourth episode of Colony’s captivating third season. We can only wonder where all the residents of the camp are now. Are they safe? Where is the brig? Are Will and Katie still there?

We have so many questions. Let’s hope we get at least some of the answers next week on Colony when it returns for season 4 episode 5.




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