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‘COLONY’: Highlights from episode 3.05 ‘End of the Road’

Published on May 31st, 2018 | Updated on May 31st, 2018 | By FanFest

One person’s actions result in dire consequences for some and salvation for others in Colony season 3 episode 5 ‘End of the Road’.

A peek into the past

The latest episode of Colony opens to a scene from the past where Vincent and MacGregor have lost their crew. MacGregor tells Vincent that “everyone’s dead”.

Then the Marine with the Bugs Bunny tattoo comes through the tunnel and delivers the stolen Click. The soldier calls out MacGregor for being a coward and not participating in the mission to acquire the Click.

Comparing notes

We shift to the present where MacGregor is admonishing Vincent for siding with the Bowmans. He tries to argue that they have been running a long con to misinform the Resistance. Vincent waffles again and believes MacGregor. Vincent prepares to interrogate Will and Katie while MacGregor goes to talk with Charlie and Gracie.

The story switches among Katie, Will, and the kids telling their stories. Everyone is mostly on the same page, never mentioning Snyder, only Uncle Alan. Snyder’s name never comes up in their reports of how Will made it into Santa Monica, how he began working for the Occupation, or how they managed to escape the Los Angeles Bloc.


Fed up with the interrogation results, MacGregor brings in Bram to Will’s interrogation room. Bram has taken the blast caps for the bomb built at the camp. MacGregor threatens to kill Bram via Russian roulette if he does not give up the location of the blast caps.

Will becomes enraged, but Bram implores him to not give up the location saying it is the only leverage they have. Then MacGregor threatens Gracie.

(I must pause to say that Josh Holloway gives a stellar performance as a father in these scenes. His display of fear and fatherly protection is palpable.)

That is the last straw for Will Bowman. He reveals the true identity of Alan Snyder.

Snyder’s statement

Snyder attempts to justify his role in the Occupation as someone who saved lives. He explains that the hosts are at war with someone else and are only using humans as a resource for labor. He pleads with them to return the Click. He talks about Dallas being turned to glass when they destroyed two Clicks.

Snyder tells MacGregor that he is making a huge mistake. MacGregor is not swayed. He says Snyder is lying. He tells Vincent to get ready for the demolition of the Click.

Vincent is torn

Vincent visits the Click alone. He talks to the Click telling it they plan to kill it. The core lights up red. Vincent probes further asking the Click about what happened in Dallas. The core shines even brighter lighting up the whole space red.

Vincent talks to MacGregor again. He recalls how they shot Bugs, the man with the tattoo that captured the Click. Vincent is concerned that they keep killing their own. MacGregor talks about how they all need to move in the same direction. Honestly, it sounds more like “his way or the highway” to me. MacGregor and Vincent debate about what happens if they are ever done fighting the hosts. Finally, MacGregor says no more questions.

A final decision

Vincent talks to Snyder again. He inquires how the Occupation will know they destroyed the Click. Snyder points out that MacGregor is not the type to stay silent about his grand gestures.

Snyder tells Vincent that the ball in the Click’s helmet is likened to a “consciousness”. This distinguishes them from the rest of the host’s machinery. This type of Click is limited in number and therefore very special.

Snyder talks to Vincent about him being “a good man”. They debate the value of going against MacGregor to save lives. Vincent seems to very much need to feel like he is doing the right thing. All the while Snyder is dropping breadcrumbs to lead Vincent through Snyder’s agenda.

If Vincent turns against MacGregor, he will need reinforcements. As Snyder planned, Vincent thinks of the Occupation. Vincent asks how to reach them, and Snyder tells him how to make the ROANOKE transmission

Feeling emboldened to do the right thing, Vincent makes the transmission.

MacGregor charges in to the radio room asking Vincent what he just did. Vincent says he “remembered who he was”, MacGregor kills him.

A death sentence?

It becomes more obvious that MacGregor chooses to kill anyone who gets in the way of his agenda. He promptly visits Katie, accuses her family of treason, and sentences Will, Katie, and Bram to death. Just as the Bowmans are standing before the firing squad, an almost unbearable loud noise blares throughout the camp.

Everyone falls to the ground covering their ears. The Greyhats have arrived because of Vincent’s transmission. They begin shooting everyone in sight. Everyone scatters. Will, Katie, and Bram manage to unshackle themselves, grab weapons and run for the woods.

Charlie and Gracie make a run for the woods as well. Gracie is wounded. Charlie tells Gracie to run ahead while he finds a grenade to stop a Greyhat from shooting her. Gracie makes it to her parents. As Charlie closes in behind her, he is shot and killed. The remaining Bowmans have no time to go to Charlie and run further away.

A painful recognition

Lt. Garland talks to Snyder about his impressive maneuver. Garland asks Snyder to identify the camp leader before he heads off to safety in Sweden. Snyder points out MacGregor’s body.

As Snyder walks away he sees a young hand from underneath the tarp. He raises the tarp to see Charlie’s body. He is clearly moved but continues on his way. While not unfeeling, he must be practical and move forward.

Snyder continues to baffle and engage viewers. Can you blame him for Charlie’s death? Can you give him credit for the other Bowmans’ escape? Probably both. It is complicated.

Fans will sorely miss Charlie Bowman. He was not a kid of many words, but his actions spoke volumes. He died a hero, saving his sister.

How will Charlie’s death impact the story going forward? Will Broussard ever re-connect with the Bowmans? Just as we learn more about the Clicks, we have so many new questions to consider.

Stay tuned for more Colony season 3 on USA Network.


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