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Cobra Kai: the Season 4 Ending Explained

Published on December 31st, 2021 | Updated on December 31st, 2021 | By FanFest

Let’s break down the ending of the new Netflix Season 4 of Kobra Kai. It’s time for the annual All-Valley karate tournament, and the decades-old rivalry between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do is coming to a head… with some unforeseen ramifications.

It was decided at the conclusion of season three that whichever clan won the tournament would take control of the valley, and that another dojo would be forced to close. But when bitter rivalries refuse to die and trickery leads to the worst in people, it appears that the series may end up putting everyone in more risk.

Here’s what you should know…

Despite their attempts to work together, Johnny and Daniel’s 37-year rivalry proved too strong to overcome, even with bully sensei Kreese. There are three dojos to observe in the All Valley tournament’s opening – Kreese’s Cobra Kai, Daniel’s Miyagi-Do, and Johnny’s Eagle Fang. Terry Silver, Kreese’s vicious and power-hungry best friend from Vietnam, has been back in action since returning from retirement and wasted no time reverting to his evil

The All Valley Dojo accepts only one prize at a time, though. With three distinct methods to triumph – specialty, female, and male champion crowns – things are changing here. On a point basis, the overall dojo wins. After the specialties, Cobra Kai leads with Miyagi-Do in second and Eagle Fang sixth.

The qualifiers begin with a performance by Carrie Underwood, after which the other contestants fall away. Daniel quickly discovers that Cobra Kai has a significant edge over them than they had anticipated, with Robby teaching his new team Miyagi’s signature moves to put one over on their opposition.

By the time the quarter finals begin, Eagle Fang are out of contention and it’s down to Miguel to win. At the same time, Danny’s win has caused a rift between him and his father; he is afraid to break out of his shell. Meanwhile, Old School’s ascension through the ranks continues at an accelerated pace as well as its rivalry with Mahalo! 🙂 At this point in time, though, things have been too chaotic.

But with a pep talk and a smooch from his girlfriend, he’s back in the game, facing off against his biggest bully, Kyler. He wins by defeating him, allowing him to advance to the semifinals as well. Samantha triumphs in the next round after being trained by Rorin and defending against Miyagi-Do’s methods, surprising her opponent with Eagle Fang attack moves after going against the Miyagi-Do protocol to be solely defensive.

But Sam is unfazed, arguing that win or lose, you can’t beat a guaranteed $1 million payout. While Daniel scolds him for not winning “the right way,” she tells him he can’t please everyone with his approach.

For Cobra Kai, Tory gets to the semis, but Robby is forced to go against his own teammate, Kenny. He wins the fight, but due to a pep talk from Kreese, he loses control and nearly fractures the youngster’s nose with a kick to the face. His doubts about Cobra Kai resurface as a result of his loss of control, so he decides to go back to being a Miyagi-Do kid.

In the semi-finals, Eli and Miguel go at it again, but when Miguel falls to his knees in agony on the mat, the bout is stopped. He’s rushed to the hospital because he over-exerted himself in the season-two school fight, breaking his back.

Fortunately, it’s only a pulled muscle; he’s advised to be careful about returning to the competition. Johnny wants him to keep going, but Miguel is clearly distressed and afraid. Back in the game, Demetri is knocked out by Robby. Samantha and Tory both win their games, advancing to the female finals against each other.

Anthony LaRusso tries to converse with Kenny in the changing rooms, apologising for bullying him earlier in the year in an attempt to clear the air.

After being warped by Cobra Kai from a kind and loving youngster to a cruel fighting machine, Kenny lashes out at Anthony, who tumbles down the stairs while getting beaten until Robby steps in to stop it. Kenny departs, and Robby understands that his protege has been influenced by Cobra Kai’s teachings.

Kreese reaches out to Johnny and tries to talk him down. Kreese claims he cared about Johnny “more than anybody,” stating that if he lost the tournament, Johnny would go insane. Johnny goes to Miguel to give him a motivational pep talk to get him back on track. However, unknown to Johnny, Miguel is suffering emotionally as he sees Johnny as a father figure while also being let down by him.

He refuses to compete, and as a consequence, Eli is declared the winner by default.

First up on the mat is Eli (Miyagi-Do) and Robby (Cobra Kai), who are both brand new to the dojo. They prove to be a pretty difficult match, with each one running out the clock as they fight.

Because of this, in the event of a tie at the end of sudden death, first strike wins. Robby briefly takes control and is about to deliver the final blow when Kenny appears on the sidelines. Eli emerges as champion at last, bringing Miyagi-Do ahead in terms of All Valley popularity.

Amanda LaRusso visits Tory before the female finals to tell her she hopes the conflict may finally be resolved with her daughter Samantha. She appeals for fair play from him. Tory thanks Amanda for assisting her to secretly get back on her feet by providing a therapist and work so she could care for her sick mother in return.

It appears that the competition has helped Daniel and Johnny put their differences behind them as well. Knowing what’s on the line, the two guys realize they need one another’s talents to be successful.

In the bout, Samantha stuns Tory by fighting aggressively, combining Eagle Fang aggressive training with Miyagi-Do defense. The fight is a close one, with both fighters having the upper hand at different times. By chance, Silver causes Tory to hit Samantha in the eye accidentally, which enrages Kreese. He understands that it’s the same

Tory eventually wins, meaning Cobra Kai win the tournament. But as Tory gloats over her triumph, she overhears Silver paying off the referee who had previously neglected to call strikes that might have given Samantha and Miyagi-Do the victory.

Johnny sees the Cobra Kai dojo for sale and closed as he drives home. He goes there to give himself a break. Robby soon appears, looking shocked and angry, with what appears to be the same plan.

Finally, after years of fighting, the feuding father and son have a much-needed heart-to-heart, with Johnny advising him not to take his loss too personally. Robby confesses that he is concerned about Kenny, who he had hoped to guide.

During the celebration, Kreese and Silver spend time together toasting their victory, at which point Silver asks why his fellow sensei went so light on Tory at the finals.

Silver tells Kreese that his greatest vulnerability has always been Johnny, and Silver’s weakness has always been Kreese. Silver makes a choice to “correct his flaw” just as the cops arrive to take Kreese into custody. After Silver had beaten up wannabe Cobra Kai member Stingray to within an inch of his life and ordered him to pin the assault on Kreese as proof of his loyalty, Kreese was taken into custody for attempted murder.

The twist-happy Silver gleefully assumes control of the dojo as he walks away in handcuffs, leaving the Cobra Kai legacy, prospective franchise, and martial arts power in his hands.

In his last words, Silver says that he’s “bringing in some old pals” and will “take care of Johnny,” which doesn’t bode well. It’s possible that another former Cobra Kai, Mike Barnes, might return. At the conclusion of the program, Johnny figures out that Miguel has fled to Mexico in order to meet his real father. However, Carmen reveals that Miguel’s father was not only abusive, but also ignorant of his existence since she ran away when she was pregnant.

At Mr Miyagi’s grave, Daniel explains how he lost despite doing his best in the highest possible way. But he goes on to explain that he does not want to shut down Miyagi-Do because “I don’t want to honor a contract with people who have none.” Daniel tells us that after two years of training, he’s decided to “go offensive.”

“I know this isn’t your fight, and this is a lot to ask, but will you help me finally put an end to Cobra Kai?”” he asks, and with that, Chozen Toguchi, the opponent who had turned into a friend in Karate Kid 3, is once again seen.

With that, the pair bows to Miyagi’s tomb and start training.

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