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‘It: Chapter Two’ Footage Unveiled at CinemaCon

Published on April 7th, 2019 | Updated on April 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

Fans at CinemaCon found themselves treated to footage from one of the most anticipated horror sequels arriving in theaters later this year. New footage from It: Chapter Two. Footage that confirms what most of us were already thinking. This upcoming sequel is no joke. This sequel has the potential of becoming one of the scariest horror films in recent years much like the first film. While we thankfully did not have to wait twenty-seven years to attain a sequel to the 2017 success, “The Losers Club” will pick up twenty-seven years after the events of its predecessor.

Much like the mini-series released in the nineties, the sequel will mostly center around the adult counterparts of the kids from the previous film. Through flashbacks the film reminds audiences how Pennywise terrorized them and continues to do so as he attempts to do so to the children of Derry once more. While Pennywise’s goal has never been to focus on the adults of Derry, he will make an exception for the adult versions of the children who helped keep him from capturing even more children in the 1980s.

The entire cast of the first film, minus Jaeden Martell (Younger Bill), appeared on stage for the footage unveiling. The footage unveiled a scene primarily focusing on adult Beverly. Upon arriving back in Derry Beverly returns to her childhood home. Entering the home, she begins to look around the homestead, remembering it but remarking to the elder woman who has taken over the home that it’s much “cleaner” than she remembered. Despite feeling that the home is far more friendly than she remembered initially, an uneasy feeling creeps over Beverly.

The simple cup of tea turns into something far more terrifying than she ever could have imagined as the the elder woman says, “You know what they say about Derry — no one who dies here ever really dies.” The old woman freezes as time shifts to reveal the photos in the home appear over a century old and that the older woman’s smile morphs into the smile of a killer clown that tormented Beverly and her friends as children. If recognizing the smile was not frightening enough, the woman charges at Beverly after stripping down naked and mentioning, “I was always a daddy’s girl. Are you a daddy’s girl, Beverly?”

As the adult counterparts of the children we grew to know so well in It returns to Derry, the remnants of Pennywise are evident. After all, Pennywise’s entire goal is to lure the adult counterparts into a false sense of security as red balloons float throughout the town once more. Children are danger again and The Losers Club will not stand for it. If they defeated him once before they can do so again. Returning home comes with its own set of demons though. An evocative image of the adult members of The Losers Club noting themselves as children reflected in a store window was one of the most powerful within the footage.

The final image that the footage shows is Pennywise looking into the camera. Nothing has changed. He’s just as deadly as he was in the eighties, but with more fears to draw off now that the main children he is battling have grown. With age comes a whole new set of fears. Memories that evoke fear in their souls and make it far more difficult to get past even as adults. A mere “hello” from the supernatural killer clown is enough to awaken the fears of fans lucky enough to view the limited footage at the convention absolutely terrified of what is to come this September 6th when It: Chapter Two arrives in theaters.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming sequel?  Which adult are you most looking forward to portraying their child counterpart?  Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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