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Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely on the Must-Have Scene in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

If you ask fans of the MCU to recall heartwrenching scenes from Avengers: Infinity War, the list would go on forever. There were many moments in the film that had us, and our fellow audience members (each time we’ve gone to see it) in tears.

There were also moments that made us all cheer, laugh, and stand up in excitement. One of those moments was when Thor, Groot, and Rocket landed together in Wakanda. It was sort of the result of everything the film had been building up to at that point. Or at least, their time together.

Their journey together was fully recognized at that moment. Rocket assuming the role as captain and Groot giving of himself to save Thor and give the Avengers a fighting chance. Thor knew he had to not only avenge the loss of those closest to him but pay homage to those who’d helped him when he thought all hope was gone.

In a recent interview, the screenwriters discussed that scene with a simple response to explain it’s importance.

‘Because the whole thing is built off of that.’

There’s absolutely no denying that the third act of Infinity War would have been a completely different ball game without the three landing in Wakanda. The way they did it was totally incredible, too. It was one of those scenes you remember after you leave the cinema, the kind that leaves a mark.

You can see Thor, Rocket, and hopefully, Groot in Avengers 4 in 2019.