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Christina Hodson on the Margot Robbie ‘Birds Of Prey’ Movie Script

DC Comics is doing very well lately in their news for their upcoming films. Just like the origin movie called Joker will start production in September and Birds Of Prey will hopefully begin at the beginning of 2019.

Christina Hodson, the one in charge of writing the script of Margot Robbie’s Birds Of Prey, told Variety that having a woman writing the script ‘changed everything’ for the girl gang film.

Read below what she had to say on the Comic-Con studio of Variety:

“Harley is such a complicated character, she was created by a man and I think he did an amazing job with her, but she is flawed, complicated, has so many different angles. he was born as Joker’s girlfriend and Joker’s love interest, and she’s so much more than that, so I’m excited to see her as her own person.”

So, for Birds Of Prey, Christina Hodson noted that she’s looking to write Harley more as her own character and not just written as ‘the Joker’s girlfriend.’

The movie industry was known for its gender inequality, but now we see there is a vital change happening on the film sets. More ladies are making their way not only on screen but also behind-the-scenes to create. Birds Of Prey will not be the first female-directed DC Comics movie, as Patty Jenkins was the one to commence an important starting point for many women in the industry. I know you can’t technically compare the competition, but I’m sure it was the starting point on how Black Widow got their female director Cate Shortland.

Birds Of Prey will start its production at the beginning of 2019.