‘Black Widow’ Officially Finds its Female Director

CR: Marvel - Disney

Things are going slowly but surely in the MCU for the Black Widow movie, but we officially have a director! It must mean that they’re taking this very seriously. Last time we heard something about the director list, there were over 70 names on it, but only three people met up with Kevin Feige and Scarlett Johansson.

Cate Shortland, who is known for her drama movie Lore, is officially the director of the standalone Black Widow movie, which will bring back Scarlett Johanssen as Natasha Romanoff. It took half a year and a meeting with over the 70 candidates to find the perfect director for this movie. They even halted the search for a female director to find a male who could do the job. That didn’t go without critique, as DC Comics is throwing in a lot of female directors for upcoming movies like Wonder Woman 1984 and the Harley Quinn standalone film. People said that DC was doing something right, so I think this was the ultimate push to find a female director.

Along with Cate Shortland, we also had Maggie Betts (known for Novitiate) and Amma Asante (known for A United Kingdow) in the list selection that Marvel made. Shortly followed in the list, there was Kimberly Pierce (known for Boys Don’t Cry) and Melanie Laurent (known for Galveston). Cate Shortland must be so happy that of all the 70+ names, she was the one that Marvel picked. If Marvel has trust in Cate Shortland, I will too. They’ve been doing so well for their movies so far, and I really think there is no stopping Marvel for future films.

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