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Chris Hemsworth posts Hilarious Facebook Video and it leads to an Avengers: Infinity War First Look

Thor is still feeling a little bit of residual bitterness about not being invited to be part of Captain America: Civil War; at least, in a way that’s totally humorous and makes for incredible Facebook videos.

If you missed the first set of videos where Thor took on the role of a ‘normal guy’ after not being invited to the big battle; you’ve got to watch them now. They were posted by the Marvel UK YouTube in August of 2016 and February of 2017. He moved to Australia and found a roommate named Daryl and decided to get involved with ‘the locals’ and ‘give back to the community’. He also crafted his first ‘electronic letter’ to Captain America and Iron Man when he found out about their problems.

In the second video, Thor learns that his ‘items’ don’t have as much worth in Australia as they do in Asgard. He also jokes about how the brain is a muscle…and well..we all know that Thor is full of muscle so he’s clearly the smartest man alive.

First; the videos are absolutely fantastic. Second; Chris Hemsworth is so funny. Thor’s character is quite serious so we don’t usually see him with this much humor. After those, we are holding out for seeing Thor in a film where we get to see more of that side of his character.

While it’s not an entire film; we did see more of Chris Hemsworth bringing humor to Thor in a video he posted on Facebook where he made fun of a group of action figures (for some of the characters set to be in Infinity War) that were all ‘standing around pointing at each other’.  He then called upon his hammer and showed what would truly happen in a battle between them all – one he was included in.

In addition to the funny video; a first look at Infinity War was shown and it’s probably one of the top five films that we’re anticipating right now.

At the end of the video where Thor is still snarky, he says that Falcon and Bucky can stay, he ‘likes those guys’ and we have to say, we’re on board with it. We love Falcon and Bucky too, like…a lot. He also takes the Hulk and says he’s keeping him because they’re mates now.

We’re excited to see Infinity War when it comes out and, who knows, maybe this film will be the one that shows that side of Thor that’s kept us in stitches from these videos.

Are you looking forward to seeing the film? Which Thor video from above is your favorite? Let us know.


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