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Sheriff Bill Hastings fights for his life in ‘Chased’ Movie Trailer

Published on July 10th, 2019 | Updated on July 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

There is a new sheriff in town – and he’s in for the race of his life. Today, Summer Hill Entertainment released the trailer for their upcoming film, Chased. If you’re looking for a thrilling, entertaining and adventurous comedy/thriller – this film is absolutely for you.

Chased, written and directed by Bruce Troxell is a film about Sheriff ‘Wild Bill’ Hastings (played by Ray Hopper) who, after stumbling upon quite a few pieces of evidence that lead to suspicions of illegal activities in his woods, is pursued by a sophisticated band of moonshiners in the forests of Washington.

I had a chance to do an early screening of this film and let me tell you, Chased is anything but stereotypical. Not only does it have an interesting plot and an intriguing storyline that keeps you watching, waiting and wondering in suspense the entire time – it creates an arc that will make you truly get attached to the characters, and the films underlying message. I dare not give away any spoilers, but I will say that there is an incredible amount of hidden symbolism in the film that make for a delicious supernatural and intriguing twist.


Check out the official trailer below:

A rural county sheriff is pursued by a sophisticated band of moonshiners in the forests of Washington.


Chased stars Ray Hopper, Troy Lund, Michael E. Bell, David Wagner, and Juan Aleman. The film is directed by Bruce Troxell of Cloudmaker Pictures; with Rakesh Malik as the Director of Photography.

Chased aims to be released late 2019.

You can check out our exclusive interview with the incredibly talented lead actor Ray Hopper here.

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