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‘The Walking Dead’: Chandler Riggs Shares his Reaction When Cast as Carl

Saturday brought big news to the world of The Walking Dead and Chandler Riggs was on hand at Fan Fest Portland Saturday to address fans during his panel.

He got us in the heartstrings when he shared with the audience his first reaction after finding out he’d been cast as Carl. He was apparently very excited, even as a young boy, which hits us right where it hurts!

Aw man! We we are so glad he did!

Riggs also talked to fans about his final scenes as Carl and what it was like to say goodbye to the show.

Of course the last time we saw Carl he revealed his lethal walker bite, which signalled his impending death. This spun fans into a confusion and utmost sadness, as Carl was the last person expected to die. (He is still alive in the comics).

This news even spurred on a petition for Scot Gimple to be fired from his position as showrunner, and today that wish came true for those fans when AMC announced that Angela Kang would be taking over his role for season 9. Gimple was promoted to a different role and will still be involved in The Walking Dead universe, but may not be as in control or hands on. That is left to be determined.

Tom Payne (Jesus) jumped on stage for a minute to share some hair, as Chandler no longer dons Carl’s famous shaggy do. (That was way sadder for me to type than I intended.)


Chandler finally added that he believes Negan will be sad when he finds out about Carl, as they had a special relationship. Do you agree? What do you think of the news of the new showrunner?

The Walking Dead‘s second half of season 8 will air February 25th on AMC.