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‘Captain Marvel’ is pure 90s nostalgia

Published on April 8th, 2019 | Updated on April 7th, 2019 | By FanFest

Blockbuster Video

We’ve seen this one in the trailer but were unprepared for just how accurate it would be. Right down to the huge character cut-outs to the lines of shelved videotapes. Bravo.


It is painful to remember back in the 90s when any file took forever to load. Captain Marvel highlights this as viewers patiently wait for the video on the CD-Rom to load. We also get treated to the wonderful way we used to record audio on a Windows computer, with the app and volume graph raising nostalgia. There’s also references to some of the brilliant games for computers you could get on disc. One of my favorites was that game where you were a plane and you had to fly through the mountains and get through tiny gaps. Does anyone remember what this was called? Let me know in the comments! This movie replicates that game simulation perfectly during the plane action sequences, right down to the movie set and the actions. It’s so good, and that was such a good game to play.

The 90s was the time when the internet wasn’t something everyone had. Welcome back to the days when Internet cafes were common and homes didn’t necessarily own a personal computer.

Phones and gadgets

I don’t need to mention THAT pager, but phone boxes and phones on walls which are no longer a thing (thanks to most people owning a mobile phone). Mobile phones were also the size of a brick which this movie also features. The jukebox and arcade machine where Carol plays Street Fighter II in the bar is reminiscent of every pub in the 90s. The game boy was the must-have hand-held video console of my childhood. Let’s not forget the NERF Gun either!


This film has the ultimate 90s-kid playlist. From No Doubt to Nirvana, Salt n Pepa to TLCs waterfalls. There is also R.E.M. and Led Zeppelin, there was something for everybody.

Star Wars

This film was basically a Star Wars movie. We see them jump to light-speed exactly like in Star Wars. The Skrulls are copying the style, humor and costume just like the Star Wars characters and puppets. The Star Wars soundtrack is even playing at one point and implied at other moments through similar instruments. The planes ducking and diving through the mountains is taken from Star Wars. There are so many references. Disney took its franchises and ran with it.

90s Movies And TV Shows

There are some brilliant throwbacks to  90s classic movies. Top Gun and Pulp Fiction are the most notable ones but there’s also references to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Silence of The Lambs to name a few.

It must have been both a fun film to find so many props and nostalgic items but also perhaps could have been extremely challenging to locate some of these objects. There’s some 90s relics that were pretty much owned by everyone so these might be easier to get hold of but there also some subtle items that perhaps may have been slightly harder to source. Either way, the costumes, props, and soundtrack for Captain Marvel go above and beyond. Right down the tiniest detail, this movie has the 90s covered. Objects that invoke nostalgia and twinge at memories, but also remind us of things that once existed and were prolific that we now have forgotten exist. It’s hard to imagine a world where computers are chunky, mobile phones are huge and the internet isn’t really used much, but Captain Marvel takes us straight back into that world, which also serves to show just how far ourselves, technology and the MCU itself has now come.


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