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‘Brain Dead’ Recap “Playing Politics: Living Life In The Shadow Of The Budget Showdown– A Critique”

OK so a meteor crashed to earth and that’s how the bugs got there! And they are impervious to bug spray… that’s awesome…

I did not need a close up of the bugs.

Anyways, Laurel is still working while everyone else isn’t due to the shutdown. She is being questioned about Dr. Daudier’s head exploding.

One of her clients is a small girl with cancer who is looking to take a picture of the Lincoln Memorial to complete her set. Good luck Laurel.

Luke wants Laurel to talk to Gareth as in metaphorically pimp herself out to him. She obliges and helps him apologize to her, all while they watch Red and Luke debate on TV.

Why do adults still go to proms? Anyway Gareth invites Laurel to the Tax Prom.

The bugs aren’t just targeting politicians, a civilian was in the park playing chess when his partner noticed blood coming out of his ears. The man is taken to the hospital and gets an CAT Scan, then all of a sudden-


His head explodes.

At the prom, Laurel runs into a friend who is photographing the party. She meets up with Gareth and they head to the bar. After a couple drinks, they begin discussing the difference between their two parties. Gareth leaves to make a phone call to do damage control with Barneki.

The chess partner from the park, let decides to do some research to figure out what happened at the hospital. His name is Gustav Triplett.

When Gareth comes back, Laurel asks him to dance.

the next day, Dr. Daudier’s daughter, Rochelle, comes to visit Laurel and says that the medical reasoning for what happened to her father was impossible. She then tells Laurel about the man from the park.

Luke meets Red at a cafe and Red admits that he has stopped drinking. They are trying to come to a compromise.

Back at Gustav’s place, he discovers a bug in a bit of brain that he’s been examining.

“Uh-oh”- Gustav.

Luke came through for the little girl with cancer, now called Shutdown Annie, to create a public relations stunt for the Democratic Party.

Laurel is having a girl’s night, and like all girl’s nights, they talk about life and things that bother them and yadda yadda yadda.

Meanwhile, Luke persuades Barneki and then sleeps with Scarlett, cheating on his wife, again… But this time, it’s really awkward. Ohhhhh, the bugs. She has the bugs and wants him to get them too.

Luke, noticing that something is off, thinks that Scarlett spoke to Laurel and feels guilty about sleeping with him when he is married. So he gets upset and leaves before the bugs can get him.

The media is now saying that Shutdown Annie is an Atheist and that her father taught that President Lincoln was gay. Barneki is also calling Luke out on his ploy to get him to switch sides. This isn’t looking good for the Democratic Party.

Was Lincoln gay? it doesn’t matter because Luke is now being replaced.

Laurel manages to get Annie up to the Lincoln Memorial for her final picture, even though her strings with the Democratic Party didn’t work.

Gustav posted his video of the brain online and Laurel finds it.

Abby, from the prom and the girl’s night, traps the photographer in the bathroom where a colony of alien bugs attack her.

That song is back! We lasted almost an entire episode without that song! That means the song is associated with the bug attacks!


This show is getting interesting. And I must admit, this show is still kind of all over the place for me and I feel like I am writing in a very stream of consciousness way.

But politics lingo aside, what we do know is that there are alien bugs who take over people’s brains, but why and where did they come from?  The politicians are all trying to save America along with their own asses while trying to bring the other party down (sounds like normal politicians). And Laurel is caught in the middle of all of it.

So who got infected this week: Abby Summers, Laurel’s photographer friend, the chess player from the park and almost Luke.

And since I didn’t do it last week: Red Wheatus, The ship mates and captain, Scarlett, Mr. and Mrs. Burke, and Dr. Daudier.

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