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‘Brain Dead’ Recap ‘Goring Oxes: How You Can Survive The War On Government Through Five Easy Steps’

Published on June 28th, 2016 | Updated on June 28th, 2016 | By FanFest

A talk show is playing with Luke and one of Red’s men. The debate gets heated and Red’s rep’s head explodes. On national television!

Laurel is questioned about Dr. Daudier in her office when she hears of the incident and immediately thinks its Gareth. (Pssstt I think she likes him!) Gareth is now Red’s chief of staff.

Ella, who was ill earlier, had a speedy recovery and seems to be taking over Luke’s position, thanks to those icky bugs. Scarlett gave her flowers with the bugs planted in them and she is trying to do the same to Luke.

Dr. Bob Bob (Gustav) comes to visit Laurel and discuss the situation. He knows the bugs are responsible for the exploding heads. It’s called a screwworm. He gives her his card.

There’s that darn song again! And suspiciously it’s at the office

Laurel’s dad pops in to scold her about going to the Tax Prom with Gareth. This prompts her to ask Gareth out.

Ella decides to openly campaign against Luke. Together, dad, Luke and Laurel need to find a way to take her down: a story about Ella putting down her dog just before her vacation to Paris, but tweaking it so it looks like Ella put down her dog so she could go to Paris.

Laurel meets Stacy for a drink but notices that something is different. Blood starts coming out of Stacy’s ear and when Laurel points it out, she freaks out and runs away. Time to call Gustav!

And she asks about the song! Laurel can hear it too!

They access Gustav’s friend’s CAT scan images, with the help of Rochelle Daudier and Gustav finds something.  He goes back to his places and baits the bugs with the cars song to get a sample. He nods off and the bugs come. He wakes up and grabs a bait box and takes it to Rochelle. They find a dead cockroach, not a screwworm.

Meanwhile, Laurel meets Gareth for drinks and reveals that she called him because D.C. is gossiping about them.

Well let’s give them something to observe. – Gareth.

She gets uncomfortable and leaves.

Luke leaks Ella’s dog euthanasia story and she immediately releases a sex scandal story about Luke cheating on his wife with his secretary.

Laurel, on her way to meet Luke, is intercepted and questioned about Gustav. Luke comes to rescue her.

Ella backs down and Gustav’s cat has been infected.


Who got infected this week: Ella Pollack, Gustav’s cat.

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