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‘BOSCH’: Investigating episode 510 ‘Creep Signed His Kill’

Bosch battles for his life again, this time on his home turf.

Bosch Episode 510: ‘Creep Signed His Kill’

Directed by: Ernest Dickerson

Written by: Daniel Pyne and Katie Pyne

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster photo credit: Prime Video
Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster
photo credit: Prime Video

In the Bosch season 5 finale, Harry faces Maddie’s decision to return to school early. He also faces some of the players in the Borders investigation as well as Liz Clayton who has resurfaced on the streets. The biggest face-off occurs when Walsh and his men try to assassinate Harry at his home.

J. Edgar talks to Latonya about what he has uncovered about Jacques Avril. He also meets with Marcos and Arias and tells them in not so many words that he is on to them.

The Chief makes a big announcement and Barrel makes a surprising one. Pierce and Vega get the cold shoulder from RHD, but Vega decides to take matters into her own hands. Harry begins working Daisy’s murder. Billets makes a move on the falsified crime statistics.

It all wraps up in the final episode of Bosch season 5. Right? Ha! Not so much! A Bosch fan knows that many questions go unanswered over multiple seasons. Much still hangs in the balance, but let’s take a look at what we do know.

Vega refuses to back down

Lt. Billets arrives on scene at the vacant building where Pierce found the blood-stained bathtub. Pierce and Vega believe the suitcase killer did the deed there. Vega calls out upon discovering body parts stuffed in an air vent. Pierce and Billets follow her call and find a victim’s head and hands. One hand is marked with a cross similar to the case Conniff and Espinosa talked about in episode 1.

Pierce asks Bosch if he thinks it could be the same killer. Bosch sees the resemblance and tells Pierce to contact RHD. RHD is not as cooperative as Pierce and Vega had hoped. Robbery Homicide asks that the case be handed over to them completely instead of working together. Vega is not pleased with that response and has no intention of handing off the case. She claims they can solve the suitcase murder and RHD’s case themselves.

Maddie packs her bags

Just as she stated the night before, Maddie is packing her things to return to college early. Bosch offers to drive her but she refuses. He even tries to sweeten the offer by saying the dog could join them. No such luck.

When Maddie has not even come up with any suggestions for the dog’s name, Harry presses further about what’s wrong. Maddie reveals that she passed the confidential memo from CIU to Honey Chandler. She reports that she does not feel very remorseful about it. Harry thanks he for sticking her neck out for him, but reminds her that working for the District Attorney’s office requires that you abide by their rules. A discussion of who is really following the rules ensues.

Harry helps Maddie carry her things to the car. Her dad says he thinks he will call the dog Coltrane. She approves. Harry asks if Maddie will be home for Thanksgiving and she makes a crack about him staying out of the kitchen. Harry reminds her to be safe. They hug and lovingly say goodbye, for now.

Bosch confronts the Chief

Bosch makes a visit to Chief Irving. He shows Irving a copy of the “before” bedroom photo from the station’s copy of the search warrant package for Borders’ apartment. Harry points out that he knows someone took the pendant from Borders’ bag while he was detained prior to being charged. The “Catch-22” is that Borders was not able to explain how the pendant was planted without actually confessing to the crime at the same time.

Bosch makes is clear that there is a line he refuses to cross and wants the truth from Irving. Chief Irving responds by shredding the copy Bosch handed him and says “[the truth] about what?”

Sidebar: Chief Irving’s eyes and the shredder in his office should get supporting role credits in this episode! The look Irving gives Harry when he hands him the photo . . . wow! And the shredder makes a second appearance this season gobbling up the last “shred” (sorry!) of evidence about the pendant being planted.

Scott Anderson gets a few inquiries

Bosch pays a visit to reporter Scott Anderson admonishing him about the Borders article. Anderson reports that his editor has ordered a retraction. The detective tricks Anderson into admitting that Honey Chandler was the source who initiated the article.

Days later in the episode J. Edgar takes a walk with Anderson asking him about his recollection of anyone who worked on the Westside Task Force. Guns were confiscated in the 2013 drug bust. Anderson alludes to knowledge of some of those guns resurfacing recently. They mention the drive by shooting at the church that Marcos and Arias are “supposedly investigating”.

Victory celebration

Harry and Honey meet for drinks as promised to celebrate their win in the Borders investigation. Chandler points out that while they worked well together, her representing him negates the possibility of her participation in future cases where Bosch plays a lead role. She welcomes the idea of Maddie doing an internship with her, though.

Harry is not as keen on celebrating and tells Chandler he knows she initiated the article. He reminds her that the photo in the article threatened his life. The attorney waxes philosophical asking Harry if he would have agreed to the article had she been able to get in touch with him.

photo courtesy of the Bosch season 5 campaign on
Gregory Scott Cummins, Scott Klace and Amy Aquino in Bosch season 5
photo credit: Aaron Epstein/Amazon Prime Video

Barrel DROPs some surprising news

Billets and Crate conjure up a story to get Barrel to Boardner’s for his “surprise” retirement party. All the detectives are there along with Barrel’s three ex-wives to celebrate his retirement. While Barrel really knew about the party, he has been holding on to a surprise of his own.

Apparently, Mank’s talk with Barrel about still needing to make money once he retires actually sunk in. After a grand, hiliarious speech from Crate, cheers from his colleagues, and the gift of a smartwatch, word gets out that Barrel has decided to enroll in DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Plan). Crate is displeased that Barrel withheld this information and assumes that Barrel no longer wants to be his partner. Crate demands that Barrel return the expensive gift. Barrel refuses to return the watch but assures Crate that he is still his partner.

Close encounter at chez Bosch

Harry left the retirement party early and is about to take Coltrane for a walk when he receives a call from Jerry that Walsh is in Los Angeles. Walsh flew into Van Nuys Airport. Jimmy and J. Edgar leave the retirement party and plan to meet Harry at the airport.

Harry goes to grab his gear. Walsh and his men have been watching Harry’s house. They approach the gate. Vardy climbs over, unlocks the gate and the three men approach the house. Coltrane begins to growl and Harry sees a shadow in the hallway. He calls Coltrane to follow him to the basement storage space.

Meanwhile, Charlie Hovan calls Jerry again and tells him that Walsh had a car waiting for them. Immediately, Jimmy and Jerry know that Walsh is going after Harry. They activate the siren and head straight to Harry’s house.

Harry unlocks the safe and retrieves a bulletproof vest and rifle. Walsh, Vardy, and the guy who goes by “The Sheriff” break into the house searching for Bosch. They cannot find him but see his phone getting a call from Jerry. He must be there. They find a rug askew and see the door to the storage area. Bosch hears the footsteps approaching above him and as soon as The Sheriff lifts the door, Bosch fires at them.

Walsh and The Sheriff call out to Vardy that Bosch is downstairs. Bosch tells Coltrane to run out the basement door, but the dog stays. Harry exits the basement door. Vardy approaches, opens the door and Coltrane then runs out growling and catches Vardy off guard. Bosch shoots Vardy.

Harry comes up by the porch and fires at The Sheriff through the window. Walsh runs up to the gate and shoots out the headlights of Edgar’s police car just as he and Jimmy arrive. When Walsh turns back around, Harry is waiting for him. Walsh goes for his gun and Harry fires taking down the drug runner.

Jimmy and Jerry rush to Harry who reports that all three men are down. His biggest concern, however, is that his dog is unaccounted for.

Jerry sends a message

Jerry meets with Marcos and Arias. In not so many words, Jerry makes it clear that he is on to them. He talks about the guns stolen from police property turning up in Gary’s murder and others. There is talk of dirty cops although Jerry makes no formal accusations. Likewise, Marcos and Arias threaten Jerry indirectly saying he would be looking over his shoulder all the time if he pursues this. Jerry agrees and says the dirty cops will also have to watch their backs.


Several days later, Coltrane is still nowhere to be found. Harry continues to put out fresh food and water for him on the patio.

Bosch opens the murder book for Daisy Clayton and begins reviewing it (as we all knew he would!). He has seen these horrific type of photos before but is still visibly moved by the tragic story. He continues to look through the materials. The camera pans out and we see Coltrane from behind looking at Harry in the house. Harry sees Coltrane outside the window and immediately opens the door and bends down waiting for the dog. Coltrane runs inside. He is home.

In other news:

  • J. Edgar confides in Latonya about his findings on Jacques Avril, “death squads” and his belief that Marcos and Arias are dirty. Latonya assumes that Jerry will pursue Avril, but Jerry points out that Avril has protection from the U.S. government who sponsored the group that removed Haiti’s president. Latonya encourages Jerry to talk to Harry about all this.
  • J. Edgar does tell Harry that Gary’s murder seems to be associated with a stolen gun Bo Jonas had purchased. He is referring to the guns taken from the 2013 drug bust and held in police property. Bosch offers to help if Jerry needs him.
  • Tom Galligan brings Maddie’s sunglasses to the station and asks to speak with Harry. He tells Harry about the memo leak, which Bosch is already aware of. He tells Harry that Maddie was in Harry’s corner the whole time and he feels bad about doubting him. Tom reports that Maddie is not replying to his texts. “Old School” Harry reminds Tom that you can use a phone to make actual calls and encourages him to reach out to Maddie via phone call.
  • Harry is notified that Liz Clayton has been taken to the St. Francis shelter. He visits her and asks what she is going to do. She tells him that he is not the first one who has ever tried to rescue her and really wishes Harry were around when Daisy went missing. She could have used his persistence back then. Liz leaves the shelter with nowhere to go.
  • Maddie checks in with her dad and says she will be coming home for the weekend soon.
  • Lt. Billets takes a meeting with the Chief to inquire about the consolidation rumors. He reveals that there is a plan for West Bureau to absorb Hollywood and that all positions cannot be directly transferred. Grace points out the strong possibility of morale issues. Chief Irving shares his own second thoughts on the matter, especially in light of the L.A. Times investigating unexplained crime statistic variances. (Hmm, wonder how the newspaper got wind of that, wink-wink!) The Chief assures Billets that no consolidation will take place under his tenure as Chief of Police. But wait for it . . .
  • It turns out Irving may not be the Chief for much longer. He holds a press conference with Jen Kowski to announce that he is “exploring a run for Mayor of Los Angeles”.

There you go! Another fantastic season of Bosch is in the “books” (that one’s for you, Michael Connelly!)

Several questions remain as we wait for season 6.

  • Will Chief Irving make a successful run for Mayor?
  • Will Jerry seek help from Harry as he digs deeper into the activities of Jacques Avril?
  • Who is behind the falsified crime statistics?
  • Are Pierce and Vega going to take down a serial killer?
  • Where does Liz go and will Harry solve Daisy’s murder?

Yikes! There is so much for me to worry about until next year! But I will take solace in Coltrane’s homecoming and rest easier now that Borders remains off the streets.

Until next season . . . #HoldFast


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