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‘Bosch’: Investigating episode 4.03 ‘Devil in the House’

The task force is digging deeper into the Howard Elias murder in the third episode of Bosch season 4.

It is Sunday, the second day after Howard Elias’ murder on Angels Flight. We see more of mysterious Francis Sheehan even though he never actually makes it into the station. Harry makes visits to Howard Elias’ son and widow. Chief Irving and Walker have lunch with the mayor. And Eleanor follows up with Jay Griffin on the intelligence she gathered at the poker game the night before.

"Bosch: Season 4" - BOSCHS4 Key Art Credit: Prime Video
“Bosch: Season 4” – BOSCHS4 Key Art
Credit: Prime Video

Interrogating RHD

Pierce and Robertson have several RHD detectives lined up to give their statements at Hollywood Division.

Terry Drake purposefully arrives early for his appointment and manages to sneak into the task force room alone while Pierce is fumbling with the broken coffee maker. Drake finds his file on the table just before Pierce enters the room. Pierce tells him he will have to wait elsewhere, and Drake says he will go run some errands.

Terry Drake makes his way to the L.A. River for a meet with Detectives Rooker and Sheehan. It looks like Sheehan is on active duty and that Rooker is his current partner. Terry is anxious to get all their statements and alibis straight. He comments that he will “lock everything down” after they make their statements.

Sheehan says he does not have an alibi. He was home alone drinking. In fact, he’s drinking at the river right then as well. Rooker offers to cover for him but Drake knows that would never get past Bosch even if Robertson let it go.

Drake asks to talk to Sheehan alone. Sheehan is extremely anxious and fears he will be the “fall guy”. Apparently, Sheehan and Drake were partners during the Black Guardian case. As they two talk we almost are not sure if they are talking about Black Guardian or Howard Elias.

Back at Hollywood Division we see Pierce meeting with RHD Detective Fix while Robertson meets with Detective Stan Pipes. Both RHD detectives claim they were at the station when Elias was murdered. Pipes tries to rattle Robertson about not getting a spot in RHD.

Later Sheehan is seen watching, presumably, his wife and son as the child practices riding a back. It seems like the woman spots Sheehan and he pulls away in his truck.

Sunday night, Sheehan goes to Harry’s house and waits for him on the patio. Sheehan has clearly been drinking. Harry is none too happy to see Sheehan there waiting for him. Frankie asks Bosch if he thinks he killed Howard Elias and Harry tells him he can prove he didn’t handing over his gun. Harry obviously wants to disarm the drunken detective. Sheehan does not hand over his gun, but Harry keeps his hand on his own and tells Frankie they should go inside.

Millie and Martin

Harry makes visits to both Millie Elias, Elias’ widow and son, Martin Elias.

Millie has people at her home paying their respects regarding Howard’s murder. She steps away and agrees to speak with Bosch, but only briefly. Millie insists that RHD cops have the strongest motive for killing her husband. She looks over the file Harry shows her of the apartment. She tells Harry that Elias always stayed at the Bunker Hill apartment when trials were imminent. She reveals that she knew about her husband’s ongoing affair with Pamela Duncan.

Harry asks about son Martin. Millie tells Harry that Martin has his own residence. He also warns Harry to leave her son alone.

Harry does not leave Martin alone for long. He arrives at Martin’s place and sees that Martin has been beaten. Viewers know that four men barged into his apartment that morning and beat him badly. Martin tells Harry he was injured during basketball when another player’s elbow met his face.

Martin gives an alibi saying he was at a particular Brazilian restaurant with a girl named Bianca Foley. Foley backs up the story, but Bosch learns that the restaurant has been closed for a couple of weeks.

Later that day, Martin arrives at Hollywood Division with attorney Alex Kaplan. Capt. Billets is not pleased that an injured Martin arrives at the station with a bruised face. She fears people will think that police did this to the young man. In fact, there are protesters outside the station chanting “Justice for Elias”.

Martin tells Bosch that his mother sent him to the station. And Alex Kaplan explains that Martin is there to make a change to his statement. Martin claims he was still with Bianca but that they were delivering phony drugs to a sorority and stayed to party. Martin also changes his story about the beating, saying Bianca’s boyfriend did it to him. We are still not certain who the guys were that ransacked Martin at his apartment that morning.

Edgar and family

J. Edgar takes his boys for the day hoping Latonya will join them. But Latonya does not want to attend the police barbecue and tells Jerry to enjoy the time alone with Jack and Joe and that she will see them later.

Jerry talks to some old colleagues at the picnic. Colleague Joan Bennett is bashing Howard Elias saying he was only motivated by money. When Joan mentions Bosch, Edgar dismisses their friendship but insists that Harry will fight to uncover the truth.

Back at home, Jerry and Latonya have a few laughs before J. Edgar receives a phone call from Capt. Billets. Billets tells Jerry that Chief Irving wants him to join the Elias task force. Jerry agrees. But he fudges the truth and tells Latonya that Billets was just calling to see if Jerry was ready to officially return to work. Careful, J. Edgar!

Eleanor can’t catch a break

Eleanor calls Harry on her way home early Sunday morning after scoring video of the suspicious man that abruptly ended the late-night poker game. She is excited to be back working on a case, but Harry squashes her enthusiasm.

The next day, Eleanor shares her findings with Jay Griffin and Chuck Deng. Griffin is pleased with her work but tells her he does not need anything else right now. He has submitted paperwork for her to be reinstated and now she just needs to wait for it all to clear. She offers to help him while she waits, but Griffin says no because he does not know where she will be assigned.

Poor Eleanor wants to keep working on this case with the Chinese money laundering, but she’s getting shut down. Chuck does tell her that it is very curious that these Chinese nationals are not taking the money back to China, but rather leaving it sitting in the U.S.

Maddie stays with Eleanor that evening because her mom wants her to sign some trust documents. Since Maddie is now 18 years old, Eleanor wants her to begin taking a bigger role in her finances. Maddie confronts her mom about not telling her what’s going on with Reggie.

Earlier that evening, Maddie finally hears from Reggie on Skype. He says his passport has been revoked and he is using a friend’s computer. He says he cannot talk long but that he loves her. When Maddie brings this up with Eleanor, she seems surprised, well, sort of. It’s very hard to read Eleanor, of course, with that poker face and all. I am not sure how much Eleanor really knows about Reggie’s situation.

"Bosch: Season 4" - Lance Reddick in Bosch season four
“Bosch: Season 4” – Lance Reddick in Bosch season four

In other news:

  • Chief Irving and Bradley Walker have lunch with the mayor. The mayor is frustrated about the Los Angeles Times reporter Scott Anderson hounding him about the case and why robbery is no longer the motive. As Walker and Irving leave, Walker asks Irving about Harry’s cold case, saying Bosch asked him about it. In fact, it was Walker who asked Bosch about it, not the other way around. Walker continues to look more and more suspicious as he inquires about the murder of Marjorie Lowe.
  • Maddie is dealing with trolls on her phone, or “elves” as Harry mistakenly calls them. She tells her dad that she receives “anti-cop” rhetoric when his name is in the news.
  • Detective Robertson is requesting to apply for a position at another precinct. He is not thrilled about reporting to Bosch. Or could there be more to it?

I’d say that’s a lot of police work for one day. And I cannot wait to see J. Edgar show up for work on the task force.

Check back for my next investigation for Bosch season 4 episode 4. Let’s follow the evidence together and help Harry solve this thing!