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‘BOSCH’: Season 5 trailer and release date

Amazon Prime Video announces the release date for Bosch season 5 and drops a trailer chock-full of clues.

The new season of Bosch will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime on April 19th. While you plan your viewing (er, binging) schedule, you can also check out the trailer, which shows Harry Bosch going on an undercover mission. The footage shows Harry’s partner J. Edgar and Lt. Billets getting nervous when Harry falls off the radar during the mission.

As if a dangerous undercover mission is not enough, we learn that one of Harry’s old cases is being reopened for investigation. Book fans will recognize Harry quoting from Michael Connelly’s novel Two Kinds of Truth on which the season is based. Of course, the Bosch series has a solid history of making changes and updates to the original source material. So, even readers cannot make too many assumptions.

There is also an attorney Honey Chandler sighting in the trailer and it appears that she will be teaming up with Harry again this season in some capacity. For more on this pair’s tumultuous past turned working partnership, see my recent interview with leading man Titus Welliver.

Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster photo credit: Prime Video
Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch in Bosch season 5 promo poster
photo credit: Prime Video

The trailer gives us a glimpse of fan favorite Detective Pierce as well as a peek off Jimmy Robertson who was considering a move to the Newton division last season. We also see a new detective being welcomed to Hollywood Division. You certainly cannot miss Chief Irving’s commanding presence either or the fact that Harry’s daughter Maddie is fearful for her dad.

So, what are your theories about the new season after watching the trailer? How do you like the idea of Harry going undercover? Could it possibly be as straightforward as Harry suggests in the clip? Doubtful, right? Whatever the case may be, it feels good to be able to mark our calendars for “Bosch day” on April 19th.