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BOSCH: Investigation of S3 finale “The Sea King”

Published on May 14th, 2017 | Updated on August 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Bosch season 3 finale brings down one killer, brings back a familiar face, and brings up new doubts.


Everyone loves to see Harry Bosch closing in on the bad guy. And he did just that with ruthless, greedy Trevor Dobbs. Dobbs thought he had outsmarted everyone, including those under his own command. With Woody and Xavi out of the way, Trevor attempts to close in on Woody’s share of the stolen money.

Trevor tracks the money to one of Woody’s surfing sites, Alamos Cove on Santa Cruz island. But Harry Bosch is on to him having found evidence of the GPS tracking devices. When Harry finds the map to Alamos Cove in Woody’s recovered vehicle, he sets out to the cove as well.

One might think Harry heads off on the charter ill-prepared. But Harry is first class at “old school” and needs only a few common items to take down the killer. Bosch lures Dobbs with a flashlight swinging from a branch in a plastic bag. Dobbs trips on fishing line strung by Harry. Shots are fired and Bosch closes in on Trevor. The two squabble and Harry immobilizes him with the same chokehold used by Rudy Tafero on victim Ed Gunn.

So nice to see you

Harry and Maddie drive home from Grace’s house after his encounter with Dobbs. As you would expect, Maddie is shaken by the risks her father takes in his job, specifically his decision to track a killer alone on an island. Bosch tries to reassure her.

Upon arrival at home, the pair sees a friendly face camped out on the sofa – Eleanor! Maddie’s mom, Eleanor Wish, has arrived earlier than the expected for the Christmas holiday. Both Harry and Maddie are pleased to see her (as are the fans!) and ask her about her early arrival and the whereabouts of Reggie.

Eleanor advises that she has come alone; Reggie is behind in Shanghai. With no place yet to stay and plans for an extended stay, Harry happily agrees for Eleanor to stay at his house for a while. Eleanor is ambiguous about the reason for her stay and Reggie’s absence.

The next day we see Eleanor meeting with her FBI contact Special Agent Griffin. It turns out that Eleanor has secretly been working with the FBI again for some time now and is anxious to get her badge and a desk and be able to work openly as an agent. She does not want to continue lying to Reggie, Maddie, and her ex-husband Harry Bosch. Agent Griffin says it’s not the right time yet, much to Eleanor’s chagrin.

The next morning Eleanor makes plans to look at some properties and assures Maddie that she wants her input as well. She is surprised when Maddie explains that she has no plans to move in with her mom. Harry’s house is her home now.

Raising doubts

Meanwhile, Edgar is almost ready to be released from the hospital. He begins listening to the interrogation recording of Harry and Tafero. Jerry notices that Harry mentions the Tafero brothers driving a Cadillac to Gunn’s apartment. But the surveillance footage never shows the actual car. Edgar realizes what the viewers already know. Harry was there that night. And Edgar wonders much like us fans – how could Harry stand by and allow Gunn to be murdered?

Edgar calls Harry to tell him he wants to meet and talk personally. Edgar is released and Latonya and the boys bring him home. Latonya is still very shaken from the shooting and wants Jerry to retire or at least get a new partner. You can tell she feels Bosch is not good for Jerry.

After avoiding Jerry for some time, Harry finally shows up at Jerry’s house. Jerry confronts Harry about the slip on the tape and tells Harry he is not sure he can be his partner anymore. Harry argues that justice was still served. The status of the partnership remains unknown.

Case not closed

Harry receives a package from the estate of recently deceased retired Detective John Caffrey. It is a yearbook for the Malibu Preparatory School, the Sea Kings. Upon careful examination, Harry comes to believe that Arno Epperson did not kill his mother after all. Arno was high school chums with Bradley Walker, now serving as the President of the Police Commission.

Harry believes Walker was using Epperson’s alias, Fox Mitchell, on the guest log at the hotel where his mother Marjorie last visited. Harry suspects that Caffrey was blackmailing Walker with the information and collecting large cash deposits from Walker monthly. Harry presumes that Walker is behind the fire at the retirement community that killed Caffrey.

Harry confronts soon to be permanent Chief Irving about his findings. Harry asks Irving to acquire Caffrey’s copy of the murder book he kept in a secure location. Irving is rattled at the prospect of Walker being the murderer, especially since Walker would be participating in Irving’s promotion ceremony.

Harry pledges that if there is any evidence of Walker killing his mother, he will most certainly find it. Irving obtains the murder book for Bosch. Bosch finds some discrepancies between Caffrey’s copy and the police copy.

In other news:

  • Harry passes along Sharkey’s belongings from the shelter to his mom, Ramona. She is touched when she sees that Sharkey held on to his grandfather’s watch and did not pawn it as she had assumed.
  • The Korea Town Killer is still at large biking around the city. We see him cycle past Bosch when the detective is at the City Center Hotel to return the guest logs to the manager.
  • Andrew Holland is still trying to weasel his way out of murder charges, despite the overwhelming evidence against him in the recording Tafero made.
  • Irving has qualms about Jun attending his promotion ceremony even though he wants her there. Even though he is now divorced, he says they need to be discreet about their relationship. Connie and Jun are both present at the ceremony. We also see Bosch in the back of the auditorium with an angry stare.

What a thrilling season and a compelling finale of Bosch! We were able to see closure in the Meadows, Gunn, and Holland cases, but several other crimes remain unsolved.

New evidence surrounding the murder of Harry’s mother and the Korea Town Killer still parading through the streets leaves many questions for season 4.

And, of course, the mysterious circumstances surrounding the return of Eleanor Wish generate additional layers in the relational aspects of Harry and Maddie’s lives.

Onward to season 4 of Bosch! The wait will most certainly be difficult, but I suspect we will be rewarded with more episodes chock-full of intrigue and impressive sleuthing from our favorite detective next year.

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