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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.08 “Aye Papi”

Published on May 7th, 2017 | Updated on March 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

There’s a manhunt in effect in Bosch episode 3.08 and it’s not just the bad guys being hunted. 

The aftermath

J. Edgar is still on leave pending the investigation of the Woody Woodrow shooting. He visits his boys to explain what happened. Joe and Jack are concerned that their dad might lose his job. But when Jerry explains he did nothing wrong, they decide their father is a hero. Jack gives Jerry his science award pin to honor his father.

Jumping ship

Forensic searches are underway at Moreno and Dobbs’ homes.

None of the weapons used in Moreno’s crimes are found at his house, but his car is still there. Moreno’s DNA as well as Sharkey’s fingerprints are found on the car. A BOLO is put out for Moreno’s boat “Aye Papi”.

Curiously, the prints at Dobbs’ house all belong to one person, presumably Dobbs. This is odd given that photos and toys suggesting that Dobbs lived there with his family. Further investigation reveals that Dobbs did not have any children. His ex-wife left him upon his first deployment because of scary behavior like finding him creepily staring at her in the middle of the night. All the photos and toys were fakes, a disturbing falsification.

Moreno and Dobbs rendezvous at the docks to finalize details and part ways. Moreno has found a boat for Dobbs who plans to head north to Canada. Moreno is planning to go south with his chica. Moreno cannot fathom that a detective got the jump on Woody. Dobbs explains that he was caught off guard because he was on the phone with him.

While the pair is mournful for Woody, they mostly seem interested in escaping with their share of the stolen money. They talk about being honored to serve together as a final goodbye.

Xavi tells his girlfriend that she will talk the boat and he will join her later. She does not like the idea but complies. The vessel’s actual name “Aye Papi” is covered with a fake name “Skyler’s Dream”.  Despite the name swap, the boat is tracked to Baja along with Xavi’s girlfriend, but no Xavi. Moreno is still unaccounted for.

Bosch sees a receipt for GPS trackers and finds one hidden behind an outlet Dobbs’ house. It looks like the same kind Dobbs placed on the boxes of stolen money.

Trial or no trial?

O’Shea instructs Anita to make a plea deal with Holland’s defense. She meets with Fowkkes who talks her down to a very minimal sentence. However, Holland refuses the deal.

Anita calls Bosch to share the news that the trial is still on. Anita asks about the Gunn case hoping it is resolved so Bosch will be a more credible witness. She makes mention of her career tanking if there is still speculation about Harry’s involvement with Gunn.

Bosch is none too happy that Anita’s focus is more on her career than bringing the killer to justice. She makes a jab at Bosch’s job problems and he promptly ends the call.

Maddie moves out

It’s just temporary, but Harry moves Maddie to Grace’s house for a few days to keep her safe. Maddie is not thrilled about the idea and tells Harry she wants to help him. He agrees to go over the case in detail with her after its all over and the threat dissipates.

Maddie visits with Grace’s daughter Lisa and the two discuss the dangers of their parents’ jobs, especially in light of Jerry’s recent close encounter with Woody.

Harry makes a move

Harry visits Jerry at his home. We learn that Edgar has dismissed his security detail (which makes me super nervous) and Harry tells Jerry that the swab of Jesse Tafero’s watch came back clean, no trace of Gunn’s DNA.

Knowing that Jesse was most definitely at the crime scene the night of Gunn’s murder, Harry makes a decision about the camera footage he has been withholding.

Harry finally decides he needs to make his private surveillance footage of Gunn’s apartment complex available to the police. But he can’t let them know it’s from him.

He enlists the aid of Mark Taylor, a private investigator, whose fingerprints were found on the camera in the smoke detector at Gunn’s place. It turns out that Harry had helped Mark avoid unnecessary investigation in a prior case, so Mark agreed to set up the surveillance equipment of Gunn’s apartment for Jerry.

He gives Mark the thumb drive with the footage and instructs him to wipe it clean of any trace of the two of them. And then he has Mark messenger it to the reporter Scott Anderson at the L.A. Times.

Reporter Anderson shares the footage with Robertson. Robertson takes a still from the tape to Gunn’s apartment complex to determine the placement of the camera. He shows the spot to Pierce and strongly believes Bosch is the one who placed it there. He visits Edgar at his home to discuss his hunch. (Again, I’m really nervous how easily J. Edgar is answering the door.) Edgar refuses to talk to Robertson about Harry.

With the camera footage clearly showing Jesse Tafero at the scene of the crime, Jesse is arrested. Big brother Rudy arrives at the station. Bosch wants to use Jesse’s arrest to press Rudy to give up Holland.

A bold move

Irving faces a tough crowd at a town hall meeting of sorts. Complaints are heard about the shooting of Woody Woodrow, a war veteran. The Koreatown Killer case is also a heated item on the agenda.

Members of the crowd step to the mic to air their complaints. And who steps up to the mic? It’s the man on the bike, the KTK himself! He politely rakes Chief Irving over the coals suggesting the the KTK will not be caught saying Irving is not a capable leader.

Everyone is eager to capture the KTK, so much so that many false sightings have been reported. An ambitious young officer is certain that he has captured the KTK but is told to hold him on other charges and not arrest him as KTK until a true identification can be confirmed. The police officers do not comply and we see that the man under arrest is most definitely not the real KTK.

Meanwhile, Irving and Jun’s relationship escalates further and the Chief may be ready to remove his wedding ring.

A fatal call?

Edgar has been trying to contact Mark Taylor because his fingerprints were on the camera in the smoke detector in Gunn’s apartment. Mark hangs up on Edgar and tries to avoid him. Finally, Mark decides to call Edgar back and agrees to meet him at MacArthur Park to talk.

Edgar zips up his jacket and walks out the door to the car. He sees something on his windshield and goes to inspect it. A shot is fired and Edgar falls to the grown shot through his shoulder. He pulls himself behind the car.

Edger manages to call Mankiewicz and report the shooting. Mank calls for backup and an ambulance. He tries to keep Edgar on the phone talking asking him where the shooter is. Edgar drops the phone and reaches for his gun. He sees the pin that Jack gave him lying on the ground and reaches for it.

The camera shifts to Xavi Moreno. He’s still in town. On the top of a hill. With a sniper rifle.

As Edgar reaches for the pin, Xavi fires again.

Not many things cause me to literally gasp out loud while watching televison. But the end of episode Bosch 3.08 was one of those moments. 

I could not write this recap fast enough. Because only then can I move on to watching Bosch episode 3.09 where I can only hope that Edgar pulls through. But, honestly, I don’t have a good feeling. I truly fear that Edgar is gone.



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