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BOSCH: Investigating episode 3.06 “Birdland”

Published on May 3rd, 2017 | Updated on May 3rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Bosch episode 3.06 brings us Thanksgiving – Harry Bosch style. Things heat up in the case, not just the kitchen!

Let’s take a look at the new intel discovered in “Birdland” and find out what roadblocks Bosch still faces.

Thanksgiving blues

We see a young Harry eating Thanksgiving dinner alone at The Musso and Frank Grill, a place his mother frequented. The waiter regales Harry with memories of his late mother and her love of cobbler. Harry does not seem to have enough money for the bill but proceeds to order some cobbler anyway. The waiter tells him “the cobbler’s on the house”.

Anita nudges Bosch out of his memory and we see that Harry, Maddie and Anita have joined the Thanksgiving festivities at Lt. Billets’ home with daughter Lisa. Also gathered are Mankiewicz and Barrel. Aside from Barrel’s cooking faux pas, Lisa announces that Harry is at the center of a hot hashtag on social media #DownandDirtyDetective claiming suspicions about Bosch’s involvement in the Gunn case.

Harry claims that Holland’s defense team is behind the campaign as we viewers well know to be true. Anita is none too pleased to just be hearing about the presumed frame for the first time and seeing how Holland is trying to damage Harry’s credibility on the stand.

Jerry Edgar gets wind of the swirl of press surrounding Harry at his own Thanksgiving celebration with family including ex-wife Latonya and sons Joe and Jack. Edgar is frustrated that the boys would rather be playing video games than his “Turkey Bowl” touch football game.

Meanwhile Chief Irving has been visiting different precincts and has one more on the list. He learns en route of the latest Bosch fiasco.

Sneakers, owls, and missing money

Jerry gets a call from Bosch while standing in a line of “Black Friday” shoppers. Jerry is doing his best to score some shoes that his boys want. Bosch tells him that Agent Goshen has called about a body found that may be related to the Meadows case. Edgar begrudgingly steps out of line to meet Harry.

The body is that of Merch who we now learn is Cornell Jackson. Merch was assigned to Army logistics and has been accumulating stolen merchandise in his home. Bosch finds two $10,000 bundles in the assortment of stolen goods. We catch Woody watching from a distance as Bosch and Edgar leave Merch’s home.

We find Trevor in his garage dividing the cash. What do you know? Trevor Dobbs finds two $10,000 bundles missing from the haul of cash Woody brought back in the van. Woody reports that there was no way he could recover the missing money with the Feds already having arrived. Trevor reminds them to be careful with the cash. Woody seems to be getting increasingly rattled about the whole heist.

Pierce and Robertson make some gains in the Gunn case. They learn that Holland’s assistant Marissa is the one who delivered the bail money for Gunn and drove him home to his apartment. The pair also works on tracking down who purchased the creepy garden owl found at Gunn’s place. They learn that the owl in question was in a batch that could have only been sold within the last few months.

More case updates:

  • Jesse Tafero’s fingerprints were found at the entrance to Ed Gunn’s apartment
  • Jimmy pays a visit to Andrew Holland’s assistant Marissa’s home to find Rudy Tafero there. The two are indeed more than friends as suspected in the last episode. Robertson questions Marissa about bailing out Gunn and she eventually states that she wants a lawyer.
  • Edgar gets the print results back for the camera found in the smoke detector at Gunn’s place. The prints belong to someone named Mark Taylor and Jerry proceeds to investigate further. It may be worth mentioning that Bosch still has the surveillance camera he removed from Gunn’s vent. I wonder if that will resurface.
  • Xavi reveals that the money was stolen from an illicit group suggesting that makes their theft more honorable.
  • Xavi shows more evidence of his ruthless skills when he immobilizes his opponent in a would be bar brawl.
  • Annabelle Crowe has left the country to film a movie, presumably an arrangement set up by the Holland defense team. Chances of her testifying seem dismal and District Attorney O’Shea and Benitez are livid.

  • Lt. Billets shares that she cannot add more staffing for surveillance of Dobbs and company without more significant evidence.
  • Sgt. Amy Snyder follows up with Bosch on a 128 complaint about him. Bosch attempts to delay the inquiry.
  • The KTK (Koreatown Killer) is still at large as they try to track down the mystery cyclist.
  • Interim Chief Irving takes a jab at Chief front-runner Nestor Delgado. Is Irving rethinking his plans to leave the job behind?

Emotions running high

Everyone seems to be having a little bit of Bosch backlash. Captain Irving is frustrated with Bosch being in the news again. Anita and O’Shea are angry about Annabelle not testifying. Robertson suggests continued doubts about Harry in a chat with Edgar.

Bosch sees Anita out on a date and concludes that their romantic relationship is over. Maddie tells Harry he is like a turtle that does not let anyone else under his shell, even her at times.

Bosch walks out on to his deck and falls back into his memory of his younger self at The Musso and Frank Grill. We see Harry spill his dish to create an opportunity to run out on the bill taking the cobbler with him.

Bosch episode 3.06 brings several breaks in the case but also new frustrations and doubts. I’ll be back soon to recap episode 3.07 and see where the clues take us.

Meanwhile, treat yourself to a little history about The Musso and Frank Grille on their website. You will learn that they have been in operation since 1919 and find photos of the servers still clad in red jackets with black lapels just as seen in Harry’s flashbacks. And if you live close enough, grab a bite and tell us how it is!



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