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‘Borderlands 3’ Is Finally Happening

People have been waiting for years and wading through rumor after rumor hoping that Borderlands 3 would be announced. We got the feeling we knew it was happening once Gearbox announced a panel at PAX EAST with big news incoming, and it turns out we were right. On the decade anniversary year of the original release of Borderlands, we finally have official confirmation that the long awaited threequel is coming.

Randy Pitchford sure took his sweet time to get there. First he made everyone in the room nervous with a comment about battle royale, one of many fans biggest fears. Many were concerned Gearbox would jump on the trending game mode, but Pitchford quickly shot that down. There was also an awkward magic trick with a Borderlands card game they revealed, lasting at least fifteen minutes. One might think the hour long panel was not prepared for, or that PAX would not allow any shorter of a rental.

After waiting through several indie and publishing announcements, the aforementioned magic show and card game demonstration, a botched trailer turned dev reveal of the original Borderlands Game Of The Year edition, Pitchford finally got his team on stage and took off his jacket to show a big sparkley three on the back of his shirt. Then the trailer rolled to the delight of the audience.

While I like the series, this admittedly looks to be more of the same. The trailer showed returning characters like Tiny Tina and Brick, as well as a new crew to play as. The game will feature the usual four player co-op, a new set of villians (who look like twins), and as always have a bazillion guns. There was even a gun that has legs. Yeah, I’m not kidding. I can be terrible at explaining, so watch the trailer up above. I can tell you one thing, Borderlands 3 still has the same charm that made it a hit years ago.

Nothing was revealed about a date, but reports have suggested we will see Borderlands 3 by the end of the fiscal year, which finishes in April 2020. I had always guessed we were not seeing Borderlands until 2020 anyway, and Spring is a perfect time for it to launch. I feel like as long as people have waited, just like the reveal panel Borderlands 3 should have it’s launch all to itself, away from the other big titles that may steal it’s thunder.

What did you think of the Gearbox panel? Are you excited for Borderlands 3? Drop into our comment vault below and loot it up with some comments!