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Melissa’s Mother’s Day Tribute and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Surprise Appearance on SNL

In honor of Mother’s Day, host Melissa McCarthy paid tribute to moms in her opening monologue during last night’s Saturday Night Live.

The actress acknowledged her mother as well as her own daughters and then had all the moms in the audience stand. She then humorously went on to say the following:

“Let’s give these ladies a hand! Every single one of these ladies who stood up have not been to the bathroom alone since they gave birth, they haven’t had a hot meal in years, all of our purses are filled with old cracker crumbs and dirty Purell bottles, and that’s OK.”

McCarthy then proceeded to pull one lucky mom from the audience for a backstage tour. The audience member also happened to be the mother of SNL’s co-head writer Sarah Schneider, Joan. Chris Kelly, co-head writer with Schneider, shared a pic to his Instagram account of Melissa and Joan on stage with a caption reading, “she had no idea this was going to happen.”

As they toured backstage, they picked up some props and even stopped to pet the legendary SNL llama in the hallway before stepping deeper backstage where Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were waiting to met them. McCarthy asks the couple what they were doing there to which Reynolds replies, “You invited us.” McCarthy awkwardly agrees but tries to cover up the fact that she didn’t remember inviting them and responds to Joan that she “may have been drinking when she invited them.” Watch th full monologue below:


The two looked like they were having so much fun and what a wonderful surprise…Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!

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