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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘The Resurrection’

We have been long awaiting the premiere of Black Lightning, and now that it is finally here… we can’t wait to get even more of it. It was absolutely, well worth the anticipated wait.

The premiere kicked off with Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) picking his daughter Anissa up from the Police Station, after she was caught in the middle of a protest for ‘The 100’. As he was driving her and his other daughter, Jennifer, home he was pulled over by two police officers. Without explanation, he was asked to step out of the car. A brief moment of chaos ensued, as his daughter attempted to record the police brutality.

The cops brought him to the cop car, where they asked a woman sitting in the back if ‘this was the man’. When she shook her head, the cop let Jefferson go. When he demanded to know why he was pulled over in the first place, the police officer told him that the liquor store up the street was robbed.

Holding back rage, Jefferson curled his fists and caused the lights on the street and the police car to completely go dark… before coming back on moments later. Thunder and lightning as witness, Black Lightning was born again.

Image: The CW

Jefferson headed to his school, where he served as Principal, just in time to make it to the fundraiser event. There, after being called on stage, he addressed his students and benefactors about how the students are the future and that they needed to live life to the fullest. While Jefferson delivered his speech on stage, his daughter Jennifer cut out early and snuck out to a nearby club… where she found herself talking to a boy, named Will, who seemed very intrigued by her.

After returning home and realizing that Jennifer was not there, he pinged her phone and headed out to the club. There, he saw her and her ‘man friend’, being aggressively man handled by two gang thugs. She was pulled into a backroom where she found herself guilty by association.

Jefferson rushes to her aid, using his powers as Black Lightning to shut off all the lights in the club and even throw some electric powered punches at some of the gang members, giving his daughter ample opportunity to make a getaway. After rescuing her and allowing the power to return to the club, he headed outside where he found himself being greeted by a squad car; carrying two police officers. The police officers tried to force him down on the ground, even tasing him. However, he refused and used his powers to shock the officers and cause the squad car to explode.

Back at his house, Anissa confronted her sister about going to Club 100. She stated that it was incredibly foolish on her part, as that was where most of the gang members hung out. Jennifer, seemingly uninterested in the conversation, stated that she’s not like her sister or her father and that she does what she wants.

While his daughters debated at home, Jefferson headed to a tailor shop called Gambi’s. There, the owner walked in (named Gambi) and helped stitch him up. Gambi turned on the news and showed him the reports that were questioning as to whether or not Black Lightning had returned. Jefferson stated it had been nine years since he last used his powers, and he had no interest in becoming Black Lightning again; instead he wanted to try at patch up his family and win his ex-wife, Lynne, back. He also stated the purpose was to kill ‘Tobias’.

Gambi stated that the reason Jefferson became Black Lightning in the first place was to give people hope, and give evil something to fear. The town needed Black Lightning once more, now more than ever. Jefferson headed home, to find that Lynne was there. She informed him that she talked to Jennifer for him, and then she also proceeded to ask him if Black Lightning was back. To which he responded, no.

Elsewhere, ‘Tobias’ watched the news report of Black Lightning’s return.

Image result for black lightning
Image: The CW

The next day at school, Jefferson opened his email to see that Gambi had sent him an email. Attached to the email was a news clip of a store owner, whose life was saved by Black Lighting.

Outside the school, Will ran up to Jennifer and stated that he wanted to ‘check in’ on her. When she refused his advances, her persisted to try and talk to her which led to her sister Anissa intervening. Anissa ordered Will to leave, otherwise she would have the cops come and lock him up. After getting into a verbal battle, Will reached into his pants to pull out his gun. Luckily, Jefferson arrived in the nick of time to stop Will from pulling out his weapon and shooting up the school.

Jefferson heads out to meet up with Latvius, who as it turns out is a former student at Jefferson’s school. Jefferson asks Latvius to tell Will to leave his daughters alone. Back at Garfield, Will and two other gang members walked into Anissa’s room and took both her and Jennifer away at gunpoint.

Down at the police station, Detective Henderson told Jefferson to let the police handle the abduction of his daughters. Jefferson walks out, and Lynne tells him to be careful and to ‘beat them up.’

Jefferson headed to Gambi’s and informed the tailor that the 100 took his daughters. Gambi takes Jefferson to his basement, where Gambi presents him with the new Black Lightning suit.

Jefferson arrived at the Seahorse Hotel and began fighting various members of the 100. He eventually found the room his daughters are being held in, and faces off against Will. He demanded to know where Latvius was, but Will didn’t give him an answer. With that, he used his powers to drop Will ontop of his car from the second story balcony.

While the cops arrived on the scene, Latvius was approached by two people at a red light. He was taken in for questioning, to our seasons big bad… Tobias Whale. Tobias asks Latvius if this whole ‘Black Lightning’ thing is going to be a problem, or if he should just kill him now.

Back at Jefferson’s house, and after getting himself cleaned up… Jefferson approached Lynne and stated “it’s not over yet”.

The episode ended with Anissa waking up from a nightmare and rushing to the bathroom. While at the sink, she began to glow and accidentally used her powers to crush the sink. Revealing that she also, has the power.

Black Lightning will continue on Tuesday, January 23rd at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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