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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘LaWanda: The Book of Hope’

Last week’s series premiere of Black Lightning left us absolutely speechless, and we just couldn’t wait for more. This week, it only got better. I was highly impressed with this weeks episode as well, and I believe that this is going to be yet another highly successful super hero series!

‘LaWanda: The Book of Hope’ kicked off with Jefferson watching a news report on the return of Black Lightning. Jefferson found himself struggling to cope with his growing powers. He and Lynn had a discussion, where he insisted to her that ‘Black Lightning’ was not back and that he cared more about being there for her and for his family.

At school , Jefferson had an assembly for the parents of all the students at Garfield high. He ensured them that the schools focus was to strengthen the minds of their students, and to not allow them to fall under the influence of the 100. During his speech a parent, named LaWanda, stood up stating that their children had every reason to fear the 100 and she then proceeded to question why Black Lightning saved Jefferson’s girls but no one else’s children. She also informed him that the Seahorse hotel was once again open, despite the recent abductions committed by the 100.

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Tobias Whale met with Lala and one of his associates where he stated he wanted to give the public something to fear, and to make sure that Black Lightning was shut down so that there would be no hope for Freeland.

Jefferson questioned Agent Henderson in regards to why the Sea Horse hotel was open once more, just hours after his girls were abducted. Agent Henderson then stated that the two men who abducted Jefferson’s children escaped custody, and that he would provide Jefferson and his family with police protection.

Jennifer and Lynn are sat out on their porch, when they were approached by Lala’s son. He approached Jennifer as if he were selling her candy but once he got close to her, he pulled out a toy gun and sprayed her with red paint.

Jefferson headed to Lala’s lot where he confronted Lala and demanded that he leave his family alone. Lala warned Jefferson to have his daughters stop running his name to the cops, or else. Two of Lala’s goons knocked Jefferson down to the ground in challenge, in which Jefferson had to hold back from using his Black Lightning powers. After standing up, Jefferson told Lala not to mistake his patience for weakness before walking away.

After the incident, Jefferson headed to Gambi’s and asked for his advice on what to do. Gambi told Jefferson that he should consider taking up the Black Lightning mantle once more, trying to persuade him that the city needed him. Jefferson stated that once Lala was taken care of, he was going to hang up the Black Lightning suit for good.

While at her girlfriends house, Anissa talked to her about what happened in the bathroom the other night with the sink. Her girlfriend convinced her that it was probably just a minor panic attack and the sink was more than likely pretty old, so not to think anything of it.

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While walking his dog, Agent Henderson stopped by Jefferson’s house and told him that LaWanda was posting herself outside of the Sea Horse hotel and was attempting to record evidence of her kidnapped daughter.

Elsewhere, Will was brought before Lala and Lala gave him a brief monologue before shooting him execution style and driving off.

The next day, Jefferson approached LaWanda at the motel, warning her that she was wandering into dangerous territory and that if the 100 caught her staking out the Sea Horse they would surely kill her. He then begged her to give him 48 hours to help bring her daughter back.

At the Sea Horse, LaWanda exited her car when she saw Lala pull up. She approached him with a camera, demanding to know where her daughter was. Instead of responding, Lala shot her in the chest three times killing her.

Later that night, Agent Henderson called Jefferson from the crime scene at the Sea Horse and informed him of LaWanda’s death. While watching the news reported later, Jefferson vented his feelings to Lynn. He told her that he expected that when his students left him, he wanted their lives to be better. The fact that he saved more lives as a principal instead of Black Lightning was all a lie. He reminded her that when he first discovered his powers, Lynn called it a blessing. He stated he was going to hit the streets once more; and it was time for everyone to know that Black Lightning was back.

The next morning Gambi called Jefferson, and informed him that he found Will; but he was unfortunately dead. However, by happen chance, Will’s cell phone was left with his body so Gambi told Jefferson he would use it to get more information on Lala’s location.


Lynn headed to Gambi’s shop and the two of them had a brief confrontation. Lynn ordered Gambi to stop influencing Jefferson to become Black Lightning once more. Gambi refused, comparing Jefferson holding in his powers to a lion trapped in a cage at a zoo; he can’t be happy being contained when could let himself be free. Angry and frustrated, Lynn left.

Sometime later, Gambi called Jefferson and informed him that he was able to pull Lala’s address off of Will’s phone.


Jefferson suited up in the new Black Lightning suit, and arrived at the address that Gambi gave him. He took out a bunch of Lala’s men, before finding Lala himself. In the middle of their fight, the police showed up and arrested Lala. During Lala’s questioning at the police stating, Agent Henderson shows Lala a video recording on LaWanda’s phone, which shows him shooting her; incriminating him.

Jefferson arrived home and told Lynn that he was going to continue being Black Lightning; that his town needed him. The girls were older now, so it was his responsibility.

Elsewhere, Anissa headed to a stop and shop where she encountered a robber attempting to rob the cashier. The robber spotted Anissa, and ordered her to get down on the ground. She doubled over in pain, and when the robber charged her with his gun she managed to stand up and throw him over a couple of aisles, overpowering him and knocking him unconscious.

At the jail, Tobias Whale arrives and is easily let in by the police officers. He approaches Lala and confronts him briefly about killing LaWanda, before choking him to death.

Black Lightning will return on Tuesday, January 30th at 9PM/EST.


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