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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder’

Published on February 28th, 2018 | Updated on February 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

This week, Black Lightning returned after a week hiatus with the episode titled ‘Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder’. Not only in this episode did we get to see Jefferson attempt to find that balance of being a hero vs being a father, but we got to see Anissa start to get a full grasp on what she was actually capable of.

‘Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder’ starts off with Detective Henderson walking through a quite chaotic police station, all of who are going into a frenzy because Black Lightning was spotted trying to take down a criminal on the street. Lucky for Jefferson, Gambi managed to get to Jefferson’s location and pick him up off the ground (literally) before the police were able to get to him. Jefferson’s headaches were far worse than they had ever been before.

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While Gambi takes Jefferson to go see Lynn for recovery, Joey Toledo makes his way to Tobias Whale. Joey informs Tobias that he contacted their inside man at the police department, and told him that he was attacked  by Black Lightning. Tobias instructs that Black Lightning would not live through the night, as Lady Eve was already on top of him, and he wasn’t about to let Black Lightning get away again.

Elsewhere, Lynn tells Jefferson that she continued to disagree with him going out as Black Lightning and that she couldn’t take it anymore – and that Jefferson killing Tobias wouldn’t bring his father back. Lynn showed Jefferson a scan of his brain, showing that he still recovers faster than a normal human but not as quickly as he used to.

Back at the school, Anissa helped lead a protest in which a bunch of students sprayed a statue of a confederate soldier with water guns loaded with pink paint. This led to Anissa and her friends getting arrested.

Back at the hospital Lynn’s coworker shows her a brain scan of one of the Green Light victims. After he leaves the room, Lynn compares the victims scan to Jefferson’s.

Jefferson and Jennifer head to the police station to pick up Anissa. Jefferson tells her that it is time for her to start thinking smart, and reminds her that all it would take is one cop to see her color instead of her humanity before she gets shot next time.

Image: The CW

Once they get home, Anissa is recording her thoughts and research of being a meta human when Jennifer walks in. The two of them talke about how Jennifer was scared to deal with Khalil’s condition as they grew closer as a couple.

At Gambi’s shop, Gambi and Jefferson run some tests to see what was causing Jefferson’s head issues. Gambi asks Jefferson multiple times how he was feeling, to which Jefferson answers that he felt fine. Jefferson then mentions Tobias’ name, which causes Gambi to get antsy. Gambi tries convincing Jefferson to stay away from Tobias, which raises some questions from Jefferson as to why his mentor did not want Tobias dead.

After their meeting, Gambi meets with Lynn at her walk and tries to get her to talk to Jefferson about his blood lust. Lynn is incredibly dismissive, saying that it wasn’t her problem. She never approved of Jefferson being Black Lightning in the first place so she wants to stay out of it.

At school, Jennifer and her friend are talking in the bathroom about the girl that she got into a fight with last week. Apparently, the bully uploaded a video making fun of Jennifer.

Anissa arrives at her mothers work place with the box and sample she found in her grandfathers locker. She asks Lynn to help her out with her research, and that she would tell her mother what was going on once she was comfortable.

Later that night, Jefferson suits up and heads to an office building. Gambi tellsJefferson over his comms that there is a difference between him and Tobias and he need to keep it that way. Jefferson entered the office of a doctor that helps Tobias with his albinism. Jefferson tells the doctor he will protect the doctor if he will help Black Lighting get Tobias. He gives him a burner cell phone.

At the school, one of Jefferson’s board members shows Jefferson a video that was posted by Khalil. It had a picture of Jennifer’s face on a white girls body, and it stated her name was ‘Becky’ and that she couldn’t dance. Jefferson finds Jennifer hiding the the school gym, and comforted her. Jennifer tells Jefferson she needed to see Khalil.

Image: The CW

Jennifer heads to Khalil’s house and the two had a discussion. Khalil blames Jennifer for dragging him to the rally, where he got shot. He calls her ‘Becky’ and then asked her to leave the house.

While Jennifer was inside talking to Khalil, Tobias’ doctor calls Jefferson and tells him that he made an appointment with Tobias.

Anissa puts on her costume and traveled to the statue of the Confederate soldier, where earlier a white nationalist killed an activist.  She uses her super strength to stomp on the ground and shatter the statue to pieces. Immediately after doing so, she takes off running.

Anissa calls her mom and told her she needs to show her why she was deep diving into the research she dropped off to her earlier that day. After Anissa gets off the phone with Lynn, Gambi called her. He informs her that Jefferson was heading out to kill Tobias.

Suited up as Black Lightning, Jefferson watches over the complex where Tobias was meeting his doctor. In a brief flashback, we see a young Jefferson hiding under his bed while Tobias killed Jefferson’s father.

Tobias arrives for his appointment with his doctor. While Jefferson charges up to kill Tobias, he gets a call from Lynn. She reminds Jefferson that he is a hero and not a murderer. While she is on the phone, the sound of glass shattering is heard. Jefferson stops powering up, and tells Lynn that he was on the way. Before he could get there, Anissa shows up in costume and takes out the two henchmen that had her mother tied up.

As Anissa tries to untie her mother, Jefferson walks in. Not recognizing each other in costumes, they begin fighting which results in Jefferson knocking Anissa out. After he gets closer to her, he realizes it was his own daughter.

Jefferson and Lynn rush Anissa to Gambi, where they discover she had a concussion. While they talk, Tobias meets with Khalil and tells him he did the right thing with the social media post. He also tells Khalil that he would soon know strength and be strength.

Elsewhere, Gambi meets with Lady Eve. Gambi reminds Lady Eve that the Pierce family was off limits. Lady Eve states that Lynn’s research was dangerous, and all they wanted was her files and that she wasn’t supposed to be there. Lady Eve saysthat if Gambi aired Tobias’ secrets, she would make sure that Gambi’s came to light.

Back at Jefferson’s house, Anissa wakes up to see her dad in the Black Lightning armor.

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