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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Shadow of Death: The Book of War’

I have to say, this season was quite an epic ride. I loved absolutely everything about it and I am highly looking forward to Season 2. This season finale was absolutely perfect – especially the final 15 minutes. There were so may movies pieces and they all tied together in the most perfect of ways.

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Black Lightning – “Shadow of Death: The Book of War” – Gregg Henry as Martin Proctor -Bob Mahoney/The CW

‘Shadow of Death: The Book of War’ kicks off with some flashback sequences from 30 years ago. We saw a young Jefferson walking the streets with his father. His father then met with Gambi, who warned him of the dangers of exposing the ASA. Following his fathers death, Gambi took over guardianship of Jefferson – who had began showing signs of his power. Present day, Jefferson recovers from his fight against Tobias. Gambi told Jennifer the truth about who Tobias Whale really is. That he takes a super serum to not only slow his aging, but also give him an increased amount of strength. He also told her that he believes that Tobias is the one who turned Kaleel into the person that he currently is – and that he is not the same Kaleel anymore.

Kaleel meets with Tobias, who gives him another chance to help him on his quest. At the ASA headquarters, Martin Proctor gave a speech to all of his men about finding Black Lightning’s body along with Thunder – so that they could continue their studies. They have 10 hours until all the captured Metahuman subjects fail. Cyanide and Khalil bring Lala to Tobias. Tobias explains that Lala will keep seeing visions of those he killed as a side effect of coming back to life. Back at the Pierce safehouse, Jefferson’s nervous system starts shutting down. While his family tries to bring him back, we see what is going on in Jefferson’s mind. In his vision, he sits down and starts talking to his father. He apologizes to him, feeling as though he failed his father’s mission. His father told him that if there is one thing that Jefferson needs to know, it is that he loves him and is proud of him. He motivates Jefferson to wake up, and go ‘handle his business’.

'Black Lightning' Recap 'Shadow of Death: The Book of War'
Black Lightning – ” Shadow of Death: The Book of War” -Pictured (L-R): Charlbi Dean Kriek as Syonide, and Marvin “Krondon” Jones III as Tobias and Jordan Calloway as Khalil/Painkiller — Photo: Bob Mahoney/The CW

Jefferson wakes up, and states that he can no longer feel his powers. Gambi discovers that the safehouse has been compromised, and that the ASA is on their way. Jefferson puts on his Black Lightning suit, and asks Gambi to help him power it up. That way, Jefferson can create a diversion and be bulletproof without his powers. Before he can walk outside with Anissa, Jennifer hugs Jefferson and uses her powers to explode a wave of energy on Jefferson and restore his powers. Gambi tells Jefferson that even if they beat the ASA agents, the ASA will still come after them. He advises them to start a new life. The Pierce family refuse, and all agree to stay and fight the ASA. Jefferson and Anissa head out, and start using their powers to take down the various ASA agents. The field agents call back to Martin Proctor, asking to abort – which he refuses and states that they must be protecting someone inside the house and to find out who it is. Elsewhere, both Tobias Whale and Inspector Henderson get wind of the fight going down in North Freeland and each of them head out to the location. Back in the woods, Anissa gets into a fight with one particular agent who uses a weapon on her to trap her in a bubble that immobilizes her powers.

'Black Lightning' Recap 'Shadow of Death: The Book of War'
Black Lightning — ” Shadow of Death: The Book of War” – Nafessa Williams as Thunder – Bob Mahoney/The CW

Jefferson manages to help free her, and the fight continues. Back at the ASA Headquarters, Martin Proctor starts losing his cool over the fact that they can’t capture Black Lightning. Suddenly, he gets a notification of a breach in the system – it is Tobias, Cyanide and Kaleel. They start taking down all of the ASA agents in their path, but fail to capture Martin Proctor – who escapes through a secret entrance. However, once he gets to the downstairs to where the pods are being kept he runs into the Pierce family. They confront with, along with Gambi, who reveals that he found out Proctor was not performing these experiments on behalf of the government and that they were acting as rogue agents. Gambi then shoots proctor twice. Lynn alerts the media of Proctor’s experiments on metahumans, triggering angered reactions.

The Pierce family returns home, and Inspector Henderson hosts a press conference thanking Black Lightning and Thunder for exposing the experiments. In closing, Cyanide brings Tobias the suitcase belonging to Martin Proctor. He opens it, although we are unable to see what it is.

He then states that he is now the King of Freeland.


What an EPIC Season finale! I am highly looking forward to seeing what Season 2 brings!