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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Equinox: The Book of Fate’

Published on March 7th, 2018 | Updated on March 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

I have to say, Black Lightning has truly won over my heart. There has been a consistent amount of surprise, action and even some moments of mystery. This episode maintained a perfect tempo, all the way through to the end.

‘Equinox: The Box of Fate’ opens with Lynn giving Anissa an examination to check her injuries in Gambi’s basement. Anissa explains to Lynn that her having powers is a gift from God, and that she needs to use her powers to stop the 100. Lynn is extremely dismissive, but discovers during her examination that Anissa also has accelerated healing powers just like Jefferson.

Upstairs, Jefferson asks Gambi why he didn’t tell Jefferson that Tobias was back in Freeland. Gambi admits because he didn’t want Jefferson to become a killer, as Black Lightning was a symbol of hope.

Elsewhere, Tobias has a cage boxing match with a street fighter Joey Toledo picked up. After fighting and killer the guy, Tobias goes inside the fighters bag and discovers Green Light.

Image: The CW
At the police station, Jefferson and Lynn talk to Detective Henderson and a sketch artist about the break-in. Detective Henderson asks Jefferson if he thinks this is the 100, as they had previously kidnapped Jefferson’s daughters before. Jefferson states he can’t be too sure. After a few minutes, the sketch artist shows a sketch of the potential suspects, to which Lynn confirms.
At her office, Lady Eve shows the same sketch to two of her henchmen. As they head out to deal with it, Lady Eve texts Gambi saying ‘The Cleaners are on their Way.’
Jefferson receives a call from Detective Henderson on his burner phone. Henderson asks Jefferson if he has heard anything about any other beings in Freeland with super powers. When Jefferson asks why, Henderson states that there have been multiple reports of people seeing a woman in costume running around, one who destroyed the statue of the Confederate Soldier.
After Jefferson hands up, Anissa entered his office and asks Jefferson to train her. The two of them talk about the research Jefferson’s father did, and they discuss whether or not the break-in had anything to do with the box. He then tells Anissa to stop trying to be a superhero.

Gambi goes to visit Lady Eve and her tells her that Tobias’s head is getting too big. He’s supposed to be underground and now he’s opening a night club. Lady Eve tells Gambi that they should take care of Joey Toledo, and maybe that will send a message to Tobias. She then hands him a small case, telling Gambi to give her regard to Joey.

The next day at breakfast, Jennifer asks why Anissa and Jefferson are acting weird. Jefferson tells Jennifer it is because Anissa is mad at him for blowing off a brain scan study Anissa asked him to help her with.

Image: The CW

Anissa visits her mother, who is hiding out in Gambi’s basement. While talking, Anissa discovered that Jefferson being Black Lightning and refusing to give it up was the reason for their separation. After that, Anissa headed to the Freeland Gazzette and went to speak with David Poe. Unfortunately when she got there, she learned from his coworker that he was killed in a hit and run a few days ago.

At the Pierce house, Anissa informs Jefferson of David Poe’s death as he heads out to go see Lynn. When he arrives at Gambi’s, Lynn asks Jefferson to train Anissa so that she won’t get hurt out on the streets. During their discussion Jefferson receives a phone call from Henderson informing him that Joey Toledo has been murdered.

At Tobias’s hideout, his sister arrives to inform him about Joey’s death. Tobias opens the box to discover more crushed bone powder. Angrily, he states that Lady Eve is trying for force him to run and hide and that is not what he is going to do. Tobias states that he cannot kill Lady Eve without the ‘shadow boards’ permission, otherwise he would soon be murdered also.

Jefferson suits up and meets with Detective Henderson. After discussing Toledo’s death, Detective Henderson informs Jefferson about a lead he has. Joey Toledo’s girlfriends car was parked outside a new jazz club with a bunch of tickets on it. Since she was working across town, Toledo was probably using the car and would more than likely be at the opening. Jefferson leaves to check out the lead.

Lynn meets with Gambi and states even though they may not see eye to eye on some things, she needs a favor from him. Together, the three of them work on designing a superhero suit for Anissa.

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Jefferson faces off against Tobias, Tori and the rest of Tobias’ henchmen. A gun fight breaks out, which results in Tori getting shot and killed.

Elsewhere, Lady Eve arrives with her two henchmen at Joey Toledo’s wake. While she makes to leave, she is ambushed by two fen who start firing lightning guns at her. Lady Eve takes a gun and shoots the two intruders. While she celebrates her small victory, a third henchmen opens up the casket and fires his weapon at Lady Eve, killing her.

At the Pierce house, Jefferson has a discussion with Anissa about what happened that night. He states that after watching Tori die right infront of him, he does not want that to happen to Anissa. He agrees to teach her.

At the scene of Lady Eve’s murder, Detective Henderson looks at Lady Eve’s body seeing that she was clearly killed by electrocution….  making the Black Lightning look like a murderer.

At the hotel where Jefferson’s daughter’s were murdered, Lala wakes up. He sees a vision of LaWanda, who asks him if he believes in the resurrection. She then appears as a tattoo on the now resurrected Lala’s chest.

Black Lightning will return on Tuesday March 13th at 9PM/EST on The CW.



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