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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption’

Published on March 28th, 2018 | Updated on March 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

This week, the problems in Freeland only grew – as agents of the ASA finally began abducting kids off of the streets.

‘Sins of the Father: The Book of Redemption’ kicked off with Two Bits witnessing a young kid taking a pill, after being given it by a drug peddler, and then suddenly they display powers. Shortly after doing so, they are knocked out by men in suits and then thrown into the white van.

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Anissa heads to the lab that Gambi told her about, where all the kids bodies were being held. Suited up as Thunder, Anissa breaks in and discovers that the kids in the chambers were in stasis – and they were very much alive. Anissa immediately heads home and informs Jefferson of the situation. Jefferson suites by as Black Lightning, and the two of them headed out. However, upon arriving, the large chambers containing the kids were no longer there. Jefferson uses his electric vision, and notices that there was in fact large objects that were dragged out of the room. Before he and Anissa could respond, a few ASA agents open fire on them. After working together to disable the agents, the two of them head out.

Back at the Pierce house, Anissa tries talking reason to Jefferson about Gambi. She explains that Gambi really was a good man at heart, and he genuinely cares about Jefferson and his family. Jefferson continuously states that he could no longer work with Gambi. While they talked, Two Bits comes over to visit. He tells Jefferson everything that he saw in regards to the kidnapping of the young student. Elsewhere, Lala meets with another local drug dealer. Lala talks to him about putting his own product on the street, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cocaine and marijuana. He uses his mother as collateral, to prove that he isn’t setting one up.

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Jefferson tells both Jennifer and Anissa to stay home, after learning about what was going on with the kidnappings. Annisa goes to talk to Jennifer, telling her that her powers are a gift. They have a brief fight, in which Jennifer displays her powers like never before – lighting up completely just like Jefferson. While Gambi is at his shop, he is visited by Martin Proctor and a few other ASA Agents. They order Gambi to follow them, at gunpoint. Elsewhere, Jefferson meets with Two-Bits and learns that military grade vehicles were moving product around in Freeland – and they are more than likely the ones that moved those pods.

Gambi is tied to a chair, getting beaten by Martin Proctor. Martin asks Gambi if he knows how to contact Black Lightning, because shortly after Gambi found out the location of the kids in stasis – Black Lightning showed up there. He then brings up Jefferson, stating that he knows Gambi raised him like he was his own. He tells Gambi that if he doesn’t give up his way to contact Black Lightning, Jefferson will be harmed. When Gambi doesn’t answer, Martin orders his men to go find Jefferson. Lynn brings Jennifer and Anissa to work with her, after learning about Jennifer’s display of powers. She scans Jennifer, and learns that she is the opposite of Jefferson. She actually produces energy, rather than absorb it.

At school, Jefferson mentors a young student and tries to put him on the right path away from drug use. While in the meeting with the student, two ASA agents approach Jefferson. They tell him if he ever wants to see Gambi alive, he will come with them. Jefferson heads out, and he is taken to the location where Gambi is being held. Jefferson uses his powers to turn out the lights, and rescue Gambi. Jefferson brings Gambi down to his secret bunker, where the two finally have a heart to heart. Gambi apologizes for everything, and tells Jefferson that the kids are being kidnapped. Gambi tells Jefferson to get the girls out of the house, and to go after the ‘spotter’. The spotter is an ASA agent who identifies kids who display abilities after using Green Light and they will lead him to where the other kids are being held.

Jefferson brings his family back to the house he was once raised in, telling them it is a safe place. Elsewhere, Martin Proctor meets with his ‘spotter’ – who we learn is actually Jefferson’s Vice Principal. Martin Proctor then tells her that he knows Jefferson is Black Lightning, because as soon as he walked into the building, there was a power outage and Gambi escaped. He then asked her if she would help him take Black Lightning down.


Thoughts and Opinions

I thought that this week episode was very, very good! I like the fact that Jefferson and Gambi finally had that heart to heart discussion that really needed to happen. Also, I am looking forward to seeing what is in the cards for Jennifer. Maybe once she learns about all the disappearing students, she will want to step it up and join her father and her sister in the fight – well, at least I’m certainly hoping so!


Black Lightning returns on Tuesday, April 3rd at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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