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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Master Lowry’

Published on October 25th, 2018 | Updated on October 25th, 2018 | By FanFest

After this surprising and extremely unexpected ending, I am highly looking forward to seeing where this season is headed. It would appear as though the writers have a few cards up their sleeve, and I cannot wait for them to pan out.

The episode opened with the cops tracking down a Green Light victim, who when cornered tried to hurt the cops – but was stopped by Black Lightning. Jefferson used his powers to stun her, before lifting her off to safety.

The next day, Jefferson and Gambi checked out the security tapes from Garfield High School only to find out that the cameras somehow did not capture Tobias back when they attacked the school. Jefferson brought up Khalil and stated that he would be the key to tracking down Tobias.

Jefferson arrived at Garfield High School and learned that Principal Lowry ordered that metal detectors be installed. When Jefferson confronted Principal about it, he stated that if Jefferson had considered installing them – he would still be the principal.

While Jennifer walked home from school, she was stopped by a random woman woman who introduced herself as Perenna. When she shook Jennifer’s hand, she temporarily took them to a different plane of reality – asking her for a few minutes to talk. Jennifer refused her help, and immediately rushed home. After confronting Jefferson and Lynn about it, she learned Perenna was a metahuman therapist who was a friend of Gambi’s – and all she wanted to do was help Jennifer understand her powers.

Inspector Henderson discovered Detective Summers burnt down unmarked car, and he came to the conclusion that the deceased detective was more than likely engaging in criminal activity. He then headed to Jefferson’s house, and asked for his help in finding out who was behind the torched car – but as Black Lightning. At the ASA, Lynn met with Dr. Jace and offered her an opportunity for a visit between Dr. Jace and her son, if she helped out the ASA.

Jennifer met with Perenna, where she learned some advice on how to control her anger and her powers. While this occurred, Anissa met with Gambi  to help he with a case regarding a real estate developer who purchased the clinic she worked at and has plans to shut it down. Gambi looks at the information and gathers that it is a possible case of money laundering.

Jefferson, dressed as Black Lightning, tracked down the arsonist suspect and began questioning him about the fire. The arsonist stated he didn’t know the name of the person who hired him, but told Jefferson that he wore gauntlets on his arms – indicating that it was Khalil. After informing Inspector Henderson of the news, Jefferson tracked down Khalil. After a brief fight, Jefferson asked for the location on Tobias. Khalil shot one of his darts at Jefferson, and managed to escape

Anissa tracks down two gangs making a money exchange, and single handedly takes all of them out. She then took the money and brought it to the church pastor to use to pay for the clinic. Back at home, Gambi’s alarm goes off and he opens the door to find a dying Kara Fowdy on the ground.

The episode concluded with Inspector Henderson going to Jefferson’s house to inform him that they caught Tobias.


‘Black Lightning’ will return on Tuesday, October 30th at 9pm/est on The CW.


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