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‘Black Lightning’ Recap ‘Black Jesus Blues’

Published on October 17th, 2018 | Updated on October 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

I have to say, this season is off to quite an interesting start! I do have to say, I have grown extremely attached to the Pierce family. I admire how they find themselves standing together, despite whatever situation is thrown their way.

The episode kicked off with Tobias playing chess with Khalil. He confronted Khalil once more about how he blamed him for Syonide’s death. Back at the ASA, the children in the stasis pods began to wake up and display powers, in forms of energy they aren’t able to control. One patient broke out and accidentally killed himself and a staff doctor.

A second patient, a young woman, managed to escape the building. Lynn called Jefferson to inform him of the incident, and suggested Jefferson reach out to Gambi. Gambi finds out the woman’s identity, a woman by the name of Wendy Hernandez. While meeting with her supervisor, Lynn learns the identity of the kid who ‘came back’ to life from the season premiere episode – Issa Williams. Lynn insisted to her supervisor that Issa should not be someone to be feared, but should be treated delicately.

After learning he has already been replaced as principal by a man named Mike Lowry, Jefferson headed out with Anissa to meet with Gambi. Gambi presented more information he discovered on Wendy, and listed four possible locations where she could be hiding. Jefferson and Anissa suited up, to hit the streets.

While Jefferson and Anissa headed out, Jennifer got a visit from Khalil. He explains his grief with Tobias, and that he owes him his life. Jennifer narrowly avoids showing her powers to Khalil, before he takes off after admitting he still had feelings for her. Elsewhere, Tobias Whale meets with Marcellus and they discuss killing Alvin Pierce. When Tobias doesn’t get his way, he snaps Marcellus’s neck. Thunder and Black Lightning help free a group of cops and pedestrians, who were trapped in a bunch of cars. Anissa starts getting cocky about being a ‘superhero’, which causes Jefferson to get extremely agitated.

Lynn brings Issa over to the Pierce house for a family dinner, to try to get Issa back to a sense of normalcy. While they all sit down to eat, the family begins to argue. Issa states that ever since he was brought back to life, people around him feel a compulsion to tell the truth. After dinner ends, Jennifer and Issa had a one one one conversation about controlling their powers.

Back at work, Lynn began doing some tests on Issa. She discovered that he is a carrier of the metagene. The metagene is slowly taking over the other cells in his body and because of that, he could die from it. She offers him the option of going into the stasis pod, but Issa expressed that he was unsure how to feel about it and he needed more time to think about his decision.

Gambi gets a lock on Wendy, and Jefferson suited up as Black Lighting and headed out to meet with her. After stopping her from causing any further damage or hurting anyone else, Jefferson was able to convince her to get the help she needs. She agreed to return to the ASA, and go back into stasis.

Issa decided to go see his family and make an attempt to reconnect with them, instead of going back into stasis. Unknownst to him, while he returns home, the ASA has plans to test him in his actual environment.

The episode concluded with Jefferson gathering the students of Garfield High School in the auditorium. He informed them all of his resignation as principal, but also stated that he would remain at the school as a teacher. As he left, all the students began singing a chant as a tribute to Jefferson.


‘Black Lightning’ will return on Tuesday, October 23rd at 9PM/EST.


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